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Does anyone have a cartridge to run on OpenShift yet? Looks like ideal trainer wheels for a new user.

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There was one a while ago... let me see if I can find it. I agree, great app for PaaS.

Evan Prodromou at 2013-07-16T23:50:14Z

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Evan Prodromou at 2013-07-16T23:54:55Z

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Great, thanks. Followed the instructions, got it running but no idea now how to customise it. More hacking tomorrow I guess :-)

Simon Phipps at 2013-07-17T00:52:40Z

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Outstanding! Reports of Simon's progress may give courage to innumerate, server-fearing lawyer bloggers worldwide ... well, at least one ...

James Bryce Clark at 2013-07-17T04:31:41Z

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