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Too Big to Fail code hosting is a lie

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Free software or proprietary on the backend, between Google Code and Gitorious both shutting down, your code hosting monolith is not Too Big To Fail (even if run by a mega-corporation like Google!).

Relatedly, started to spec out federated code hosting. It might be totally necessary at this point.

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Problem is, not everyone can host everything on their own server. I looked at Gogs, and the resources it need (if you need to use any team functionality) require a middle to high end VPS.

So, if you need to run 2-3 self-hosted services (Let's say, your own Gogs, MediaGoblin, Pump/Diaspora) it becomes very expensive to maintain. Though, I do agree with the points mentioned, but sometimes it's better (easier, cheaper, more reliabled) to go for a paid service then self-host.

Aqeel Zafar at 2015-03-13T07:21:52Z

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Federation doesn't mean every single person has to run their own instance of every single federated app, you and some friends can run one or you can use public services. If it's not federated there can only be huge monoliths if things remain practical. at 2015-03-13T15:01:35Z

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Admittely, it is failing in a way that gives plenty of time to migrate elsewhere, which smaller players could not be able to do.

On the other hand, self hosting is just better, and self, federated, hosting is even better.

(btw, the people at friendica are also looking into it: ) 

Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2015-03-13T17:30:37Z

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Um, Davdroid, if you go to the big banner tells everyone to go to GitLab, so yeah, people know. And it's a good option, better than GitHub arguably for those who care about freedom. If GitHub goes in some direction you don't like, you can't fork it, it's non-free.

Aaron Wolf at 2015-03-14T03:53:08Z