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We're excited to announce that Debian has selected 29 interns to work with us this summer: 4 in Outreachy, and 25 in the Google Summer of Code.

Here is the list of projects and the interns who will work on them:

Android SDK tools in Debian:

APT - dpkg communications rework:

Continuous Integration for Debian-Med packages:

Extending the Debian Developer Horizon:

Improving and extending AppRecommender:

Improving the debsources frontend:

Improving voice, video and chat communication with Free Software:

MIPS and MIPSEL ports improvements:

Reproducible Builds for Debian and Free Software:

Support for KLEE in Debile:

The Google Summer of Code and Outreachy programs are possible in Debian thanks to the effort of Debian developers and contributors that dedicate part of their free time to mentor students and outreach tasks.

Join us and help extend Debian! You can follow the students weekly reports on the debian-outreach mailing-list, chat with us on our IRC channel or on each project's team mailing lists.

Congratulations to all of them!

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Congrats to the interns and debian

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