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Breaking Dianara-dev

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Hi there, pumpiverse! o/

A heads-up for users of Dianara who run the development version and update it often.

Now that Dianara v1.2.5 is out, I'm introducing some potentially breaking changes in the way the different feeds are updated, which means some functionality could be reduced or broken for a while. Some of it is only in my hard drive, but I'll be pushing it to the gitorious.org repo soon.

If you'd rather avoid possible regressions, don't pull from git for a while, or keep a copy of v1.2.5 around ;)

That being said, what I'm about to push should be pretty usable anyway, but bigger changes are coming, hence this little warning.


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>> Eugenio M. Vigo:

“Maybe you could create a new branch and refrain from merging it into master until the issues are solved...”

I've considered that several times in the past, but this is a small project run by myself alone, so I've always concluded that I don't need the extra complication. What I push to the public repo is usually stable enough. This will probably be, too, but it's a bigger change that affects main functionality, so I'm warning those brave -dev users, just in case =)

>> Edward:

“Which code editor are you using there?”

It's Qt Creator.

JanKusanagi @i at 2014-12-20T16:52:07Z

IMO "Master is where you develop"; if your software has stable branches those should be explicit.

None of this "develop" branch nonsense.

Owen Shepherd at 2014-12-20T20:30:59Z

Go for it. If it breaks, it breaks. All part of the fun of pulling right from the Development Git.

And thanks for all the hard work.

Freemor at 2014-12-21T01:34:27Z

Well, for now the change in how the minor feeds (Meanwhile, Mentions and Actions) are handled is up, along with internal adjustments for the Timelines.

It should not be disrupting, though there are a few issues. But then again, the previous method had its own issues, and the new method is waaay faster and smoother ;)

JanKusanagi @i at 2014-12-21T21:43:52Z