Johan Vervloet

Kessel, Belgium


  • Guy Van Sanden

    Geel, Belgium


    Rathole Radio is a fortnightly show about new music, free culture, politics, humour and more.

  • netgeek

    IT guy involved in EAI. I like to practice sports, photography, travel and (too) many others. Let's talk! :)

  • Caroline

    Sheffield, United Kingdom

    30 something lady, wife to one, mother to 2, friend to many.

  • DokuWiki

    The Open Source Wiki Engine

  • No one


    I'm trying to delete me account

  • Mikael

    West Gothia, Sweden

    tzag! This will be my one and only active pump-presence. For statusnet/friendica connectivity I am inscius at My website is - See you here and there :)

  • Stefano Zacchiroli

    Paris, France

    Geek, Debian Project Leader 2010-2013, Free Software zealot, Computer Science professor. Italian from Bologna, emigrated to Paris, France

  • Wayne Myers

    London, United Kingdom

    A sensible man who doesn't have a chicken on his head at all. Oh no.

  • der.hans

    Blahdie, blah, blah.

  • Gísli Karl Gíslason

    Reykjavik, Iceland

  • X11R5

    Proprietary drivers are being piloted by tiny mice in swivel-chairs.

  • Jeremy Allison

    Jeremy Allison is one of the lead developers on the Samba Team.

  • Debian Project

    Making the universal operating system, free as in freedom. ♥ The Debian account is now fed by the Debian micronews site. Help animating this account: →

  • Open Advice

  • The Tor Project, Inc.

    The Internet

    Anonymity Online

  • Simon Phipps

    Southampton, United Kingdom

    Software freedom and digital rights activist, photographer, writer, speaker, consultant, floor wax. Find me via

  • mcnalu

    Glasgow, United Kingdom

    Interested in computers, science, writing and er, well, um, humans I suppose.

  • marshall

    Uk, Russia

    while true; do echo "" echo "Timttmys gone federated" echo "Viva La Federation!" sleep 5 done

  • Mr. Icon

    Montreal, Canada

    Not as tasty as duck.