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This is a VERY interesting argument about legally challenging winner-take-all in the Electoral College: https://medium.com/@lessig/the-equal-protection-argument-against-winner-take-all-in-the-electoral-college-b09e8a49d777

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I'm sold. A state AG should bring the suit. It's not about this election; it's about popular vote mismatches becoming ever more likely.

Karl Fogel at 2016-12-05T04:44:46Z

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Most of us don't live in swing states. My vote has never once impacted the presidential race. And it sucks to know that. Now we can clearly say what's wrong.

Douglas Perkins at 2016-12-05T07:18:14Z

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From the civil servant perspective, I look forward to Continuity of Government plans kicking in as we figure out who the Designated Survivor being carried over from the Obama administration happens to be. This bit from Mr. Lessig will only lead to chaos right now. Depending upon whether or not Secretary of State John Kerry has resigned by 12:00 PM EST on January 20th and if things are totally screwed up with an inconclusive electoral college vote, we could wind up with either him or his first assistant Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken as Acting President for at least a little while until the dust settles.

If everybody at State passes on it, then Treasury is next in line. The order of succession in Treasury stretches heavily starting from the Deputy Secretary through the Assistant Secretaries and the Under Secretaries down to my divisional chief in the nasty bureau I work in. We certainly don't want that either.

As a thought exercise, this bit from Mr. Lessig can be wonderful I suppose. As a practical matter this is akin to juggling chainsaws. Little good will come of this.

Stephen Michael Kellat at 2016-12-06T05:09:32Z