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Welcome again!!

Some flashes of what happened in the pumpiverse last year:

Clients have evolved very much. In particular: Dianara, Pumpa, Impeller, Puma (the 1.0beta3 apk is still a beta, but quite improved respect to the binary available in F-Droid),, PPump (hey, have a look at the different menus and options of, for example, this instance: ), Granada, Manivela, NavierStokes, the PyPump library. Probably more...

More people are selfhosting and there are some community instances (for example #oleole!). Pumplive says now there are 91 hosts.

Updated documentation, links, user guide... in

@GNU MediaGoblin is implementing the Pump API to access objects and for federation in the near future, and desktop clients are able to be used as MediaGoblin clients with small tweaks (Dianara 1.2.5 already works for the gobliners, and GMG 0.8 is coming soon!).

@Evan Prodromou and some more other people are in the W3C SocialWG working for the federated social web.

Pumpbot @x11r5 speaks Spanish (for example here) and Italian (here). Maybe speaking more languages (apart from English), I'm not sure because I don't follow her.

Lots of new users, lots of content of many different topics (depending on who you follow, of course...).

I'm doing crazy interviews to pumpers. Want to be the fourth one? (third one is in progress).

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