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In the train station, waiting my turn for buying tickets to…. #Debian #MiniDebconf Barcelona 2014 YAY!! #cannotbelieve #oleole

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so, you've completely given up on ? :)

gregor herrmann at 2014-03-02T19:23:03Z

The website does not allow reservations, only buying tickets. I booked by telephone, and then, you can only buy by telephone or in the train station (the website does not allow buying from reservation code). I didn't want to give my card details to a person in the telephone so...

Laura Arjona Reina at 2014-03-02T22:26:05Z

ah, I see. thanks for explaining the details!

gregor herrmann at 2014-03-02T22:53:05Z

We are looking forward to meet you! :-)

Mònica at 2014-03-04T07:21:17Z