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It seems that Girls Can be Anything When They Grow Up – Until They Start Playing with Barbie (/via @Fanta @Michael )

mmm interesting.

At home we were three girls, but we never had a Barbie. Other kind of dolls, yes, but not that one. One Barbie would be the cause of fighting among us for sure, and three Barbies were too expensive for our family in that time. Probably my parents didn't like the stereotypes that that doll introduced, anyway.

I didn't like dolls in general, my big sister liked to comb their hair and so, but I only liked to take out their arms and legs and head and put them again. Maybe they were my first tinkering activities XD

I remember me being jealous of my friends who had Barbie, though. Do you know what I liked about that doll? It was the only one that was able to bend the knees, elbows, and waist.

When I was 9, for first communion, a handheld came as present (I believe it was Eagle N Chicken) so I totally lost my (few) interest about dolls and began to tinker on that.

A bit later, an MSX (home computer yeah) and MSX magazines with pages and pages of Basic code, and a small book that explained (and drawed) very well "what is an algorithm", with an example of a robot making a cooking recipe :)

I'm so thankful to my parents for their choices of toys for us... But I still don't know how to comb my or other's hair!

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The world needs more non-barbie girls. Go Laura! =)

JanKusanagi at 2014-04-02T23:18:12Z

Someone bought our daughter a Barbie and to our relief she doesn't play with it at all. Infact she told us we can get rid of it as she never plays with it. #ProudDad :)

Luke at 2014-04-03T09:10:44Z

thanks for your detailed comment, I admit that on to my daughter :)

Michael (majeSTYX) at 2014-04-07T09:36:27Z