Paul Laroquod

Shifter around of dots within various kinds of rectangles. [If a link says "Laroquod likes this" it means "Laroquod marked this for later".]


  • zoowar

    liberty is freedom bound by justice

  • Deceased. Please use ''.

    Now resident at PumpDog

    Deceased. Please use ''.

  • Gordon Sinclair

    Castlecary, United Kingdom

  • Dvd Mrsdn


    Another url, another planet.

  • Marcio B. Jr.

    Cinco Anzóis, Brazil

    A crabby socialist, a FOSS activist, and a hypocritical Roman Catholic.

  • Jason F. McBrayer

    Columbia, United States

    A kind of haunted meat, probably. I don't know.

  • Paul Pritchard


    British film buff and Science Fiction fan. Currently living in Belgium and earning an income from building interfaces.

  • Matthew Stinar

    Back Landing, United States

    Perpetually inquisitive, technologist, blogger, amateur photographer, unconventional human rights advocate, entrepreneur.

  • Lady J

    Connecticut, United States

    Bi | paleo | atheist | swinger | music aficionado | Spanish speaker | debt-free | sex-positive | sarcasmist | activist | anti-TV

  • laurelrusswurm

    the interwebz

    I'm a self publishing author, free culture advocate, media artist and a mom. ⇐ Author page: • Libreleft Books ⇓—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ⇒ just now my GNUsocial Instance is under construction ( | email: ⇑

  • Jon Newton

    Mil Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

    After 10 years of publishing p2pnet and suffering various health problems, it was time for a change.

  • Marcus Harrison

    Aberystwyth, United Kingdom

    KDE/Linux Geek. Unicyclist. Nocturnal by default.

  • Paul Monaco

    Manchester, United States

    Just a geek into social media from back in the day when it was 300-baud and called BBSing

  • Giulio Pepe

    London, United Kingdom

    A physicist.

  • Özgür Uçkan

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Writer, teacher & adviser. Works on network economy, information design and management, communication design, art and culture.

  • The Root's Updates

    Toronto, Canada

    This is The Root, I'm a geek, prefer Linux and use Viddler, Dailymotion, etc. I am against censorship, i'm a $cientology Critic.

  • Thomas Tanghus

    Odd things happen - I'm beginning to like javascript...

  • Børge A. Roum

    Oslo sentrum, Norway

    I'm a leftie, freegan, FLOSS & web 2.0 enthusiast. Climate change is the worst threat humanity has been up against. Why don't we fix it?

  • Klint Finley

    Portland, United States

    Journalist, writer, ambient musician, fun loving nihilist.

  • Brian van den Broek

    Montreal, Canada

    All claims in my bio are false.