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It started as a conversation with a newcomer to Canada in the Fediverse.  

Although the two way Twitter bridge has never worked for me, my Fediverse posts generally broadcast to the Twitter bridge.  I took care to post bite sized pieces so that it would cross over coherently.  As it happens, none of it made it to Twitter, so I had to repost it there as individual tweets.  I reformatted the content to fit, (and made one fairly awful mistake necessitating a deleted tweet.)  

This issue is staggeringly important, so I wanted to make sure it appeared in all my social media.  So I was going to restate it again, reformatted as a single post, on Identica, since pumpio still doesn't stretch to connection with the #Fediverse.  This would effectively be a mini blog post, which I would be able to share the link to it on Facebook and g+

But when I tried to log in on my netbook, through Firefox, even with every possible permission granted, although I could log in to Identica, there was no CSS, and when I attempted to post a note, it would launch me to the beginning of my activity stream, and when I tried again, the little whirlie just went around infinitely.

So fine.  I logged in with Chromium and it worked fine.  Except when I was halfway through, I must have accidentally touched my cursor outside the "note" popup window and POOF, it's gone again.  

Now I have to start over, but I've learned my lesson I will write it in gedit and copy it over; next time I'll post it on g+ ... or better yet as a Whoa!Canada post and just share the link on Identica.  

Nobody has time for this; thats why social media NEEDS to federate.  

 And it makes me sad.

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I feel your pain. I also craft posts depending on the target universe, given the current status of things (not bugs but other kind of issues, as I'll explain…).

I sometimes get no css or problems in, I think there is not a bug but network issues (timeouts, whatever). In any case, I think using a client is better than the web interface.

I usually post in, if it's less than 140 chars, it goes to my quitter account in the GNUSocial fediverse, and from there, TwitterBridge to Twitter.

If it's more than 140 chars, I manually publish a quit linking to the note. I first considered it was a pump2status bug (pump2tweet shortens the note), but now I better like this behavior, since my crafted short message is way better (hashtags, group bangs etc).

Sometimes it's not TwitterBridge failing, it's Twitter that transforms URLs to “” links, and makes the note longer than 140, so it does not get posted. This is a Twitter bug and an antifeature IMHO, but each day I care less and less about Twitter, so…

Anyway, keep posting. We appreciate it!

Laura Arjona Reina at 2014-10-25T18:14:30Z

>> gdk:

“ has the worst UI ever for a social network.” is not just a web interface. It's your choice to limit yourself to it, but then you're not taking advantage of the possibilities of Pump.

JanKusanagi at 2014-10-25T18:16:19Z

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>> laurelrusswurm:

“Nobody has time for this; thats why social media NEEDS to federate.”

Well, Pump is federated. There are many servers talking to each other. This post from a server different than yours is proof :)

As for federation between incompatible networks, well...

Dana at 2014-10-25T18:32:40Z

@JanKusanagi I know I know. But first impressions and all, besides I never use clients on desktop.

gdk at 2014-10-25T19:06:26Z

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