Raphael Kallensee rkallensee@identi.ca

Mannheim, Germany

Web application developer and free software / open standards enthusiast.


  • drahcir9 drahcir9@pumpdog.me

  • Guido Arnold guido@identi.ca

    Bad Vilbel, Germany

    Free Software enthusiast. Particularly interested in: Free Software in education, Free Knowledge and Free Culture. I don't really use this account anymore. You'll find me more active on Diaspora: https://pod.geraspora.de/u/ga

  • macgirvin macgirvin@identi.ca

    High Range, Australia

    Creator of Friendica, Redmatrix, Hubzilla, and Zap.

  • Kate J Davis eutouring@identi.ca

    Clacton-on-Sea, United Kingdom

    http://www.eutouring.com Kate Davis - European traveller and author of travel to guides to Paris holidays for a holiday in Paris.

  • Abdelilah Oukhaychou Oukhaychou@pumpdog.me


  • Tom Gordon tfgordon@pumpdog.me

    Berlin, Germany

    Open source software developer of argumentation technology for social media, law and politics. Advocate for sustainability, permaculture, democracy, civil liberties and human rights. Musician (blues, folk, Irish trad). US American living near Berlin, Germany.

  • Astro astro@identi.ca


  • Antti Talsta atalsta@microca.st

    Hämeenlinna, Finland

    Linux user

  • Christopher Allan Webber cwebber@identi.ca

    Madison, United States

    GNU MediaGoblin founder, former Creative Commons software engineer, python hacker, free software enthusiast, maker of weird drawings See: http://dustycloud.org/ (Any pronouns are okay.)

  • Evan Prodromou evan@e14n.com

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

    I wanna go cool places with you.

  • Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) clacke@microca.st

    Hong Kong

    Linux native since 1995. Working in Ruby, shell scripts, whatever gets the page up. Solving yesterday's problems tomorrow.

  • Txus Ordorika txusinho@identi.ca

    Etxaguen, Spain

    Web Developer And web consultant

  • Sander sandersch@identi.ca

    Uden, Netherlands

    Free/opensource fan. People easily offended must not subsribe or @reply to me. Even better just block me; It's for your own good.

  • FSP BUMN fspbumn@identi.ca

    Douane, Republic of the Congo

    FSP BUMN memiliki harapan agar dapat memberikan informasi para anggota dan masyarakat luas pada umumnya

  • banda ancha bandaancha@identi.ca

  • Coaching coach life mentoring outplacement corsi pnl programmazione neurolinguistica definizione wikipedia coaching@identi.ca

    Ravenna, Italy

    Coaching & Orientamento è il Blog Punto di Riferimento su Coaching, Coach, Pnl, Life, Mentoring, Outplacement, Corsi e molto altro.

  • Truth ezekiel3719@identi.ca

    Sun Village, United States

    I love talking about politics and religion!

  • Carbon Credits Trading carboncreditstrading@identi.ca

    Hello everyone

  • Neustradamus neustradamus@identi.ca


  • Unhosted unhosted@identi.ca

    Non-profit movement to liberate people through separation of web apps from data storage.