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feed discovery and live bookmarks should not be removed from firefox

tl;dr: Mozilla are removing RSS feed discovery and display features from Firefox in an upcoming release. This is an unfortunate decision which will actively harm the open web, and should be reversed. It is also part of a larger pattern of unfortunate decisions by browser makers which contribute to a user-hostile network.

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I'm sad that RSS discovery was removed from prominence many years ago, but I totally buy their reasoning around Live Bookmarks. They never worked all that well, and the functionality should be put into an external competent RSS Reader instead -- like e.g. Mozilla's own Thunderbird.

clacke@libranet.de ❌ at 2018-07-29T05:32:11Z

That is indeed a sad development :-( I will add a visible RSS link to my own web site/blog so that people can still find the RSS feed.

sazius at 2018-07-29T10:32:48Z

Total agreement that this is a bad move. RSS is still my major form of interaction with the web.

cedeo at 2018-08-03T17:34:05Z