Blaise Alleyne

Let's Encrypt rocks

Blaise Alleyne at

Just used Let's Encrypt for the first time (since experimenting with the beta but never using it). certbot is awesome. Here's to never paying for an SSL certificate again!, EVAnaRkISTO, Charles Stanhope likes this.

Good to know... It's on my todo list for this year.

hope it can handle Multi domain name certs because I host on a Dynamic IP and so my main domain "" is C named to my Dynamic host name. So would be good to get a cert that handles both. (like my current Self signed one does)

Freemor at 2017-01-03T21:27:35Z

>> Freemor:

“[...]hope it can handle Multi domain name certs [...]”

I believe it does.

James Dearing 🐲 at 2017-01-04T02:19:10Z