Anytown, USA

I am.


  • Sean Tilley

    San Francisco, CA

    A geek, apparently.

  • Sander

    Uden, Netherlands

    Free/opensource fan. People easily offended must not subsribe or @reply to me. Even better just block me; It's for your own good.

  • Andrea Di Dato

    Naples, Italy

    Unix SysAdmin, FSFE fellow, astronomy passionate and popularizer.

  • cmhobbs

    Siloam Springs, Arkansas

    Family man, software developer, domestic punk, and armchair activist. I do filthy, nerdy things...

  • PlanetDebian

    Planet debian unofficial account, official site :

  • Free Culture Foundation

    The mission of the Free Culture Foundation is to bring an end to the subjugation enabled by private ownership over media, ideas, and technology.

  • Wikimedia

    San Francisco, United States

    Wikimedia is a non-profit charitable organization that operates Wikipedia and several other online collaborative wiki projects.

  • Francesca Ciceri


    Debian user, developer and translator, craftster, anarchist, social scientist, zombie-movies nerd, fan fiction addicted. Also: guitar, guitar, guitar, some trumpet, and tons of music in general.

  • Mònica

    A free software/culture lover and a Debian user/developer

  • Jordi Mallach

    Chiva, Spain

    Long time Debian Developer, GNOME contributor, Softcatalà member, happy newbie father and, let's face it, *ex-*triathlete. :)

  • Noemí Rodríguez

    Gran Canaria, Spain

    Ing. informática, software libre, desarrollo web, Drupal, cooperación, solidaridad, ecología, consumo responsable, espiritualidad...

  • Creative Commons

    Yr usin' my license!

  • FLOSS for Science

    Free/libre open source software in scientific computing

  • Rhonda D'Vine


    Debian Developer, Translator English<->German, Music enthusiast, Roleplayer (Pen'n'Paper), Cineast

  • F-Droid

    F-Droid is a robot with a passion for Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) on the Android platform.

  • Kathy Reid

    Geelong, Australia

    FOSS advocate, BarCamper, PHP coder, knitter, all round geek.

  • GNU MediaGoblin

    Making the world a better place through free software, decentralized, autonomous media hosting.

  • Sumana Harihareswara [on Mastodon]

    Jackson Heights, United States

    I use this account infrequently; find me on Mastodon as . Founder of Changeset Consulting. Wife, FLOSS geek, feminist, manager of people & projects, programmer, fanvidder. Recurse Center alumna. She/her. Married to @leonardr.

  • Deb Nicholson

    Boston, United States

    I like noisy music, tasty food and free software.

  • OpenHatch

    Boston, MA and San Francisco, CA

    Our goal is to increase diversity and participation in open source communities.