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Say 'hi' to Dianara v1.3.3!

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at

Hi there, pumpers! o/

It's time for a new version of Dianara, my desktop client for this nice network of ours, Pump.io!

The most notable changes since v1.3.2 are:

  • When trying to follow a contact, the user ID is verified. If the server is down, not a Pump-compatible server, or the username is wrong, you’ll get a warning, and will be allowed to cancel the process.
  • The image viewer gained basic zoom capabilities.
  • Only thumbnails of embedded images (which load fast) will be loaded in the timelines, and the full size versions will be loaded if you click to see them in the viewer.
  • When pasting text in a post or comment, proper links will be made from URLs, even when the pasted text is rich format. Whatever you paste, from whatever source, should get clickable URLs for texts that look like links.


Feedback is welcome, as usual.

Cheers! =)

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i'll have to try that out.

Dennis Andrew Gutowski Jr at 2016-03-21T22:45:43Z

Already in Debian Sid and openSuse Factory. Thanks @Mònica and @XRevan86! =)

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2016-03-31T18:41:03Z

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I built it on my ubuntu 12.04 box. It is work fine.

I like the changes especially of thumbnails of embedded images.

Keep good work.

HiTuX at 2016-04-04T13:24:34Z

Available now on Mageia Cauldron, thanks to @Filipe Saraiva! \o/

>> HiTuX:

“[...] I like the changes especially of thumbnails of embedded images. [...]”

Glad you like it! =)

JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2016-04-04T14:56:19Z