John F Moore

Craddock, United States

Founder and CEO of The Lab. An open government strategist, consultant, and analyst. Part writer, speaker, and educator.



    Writer/editor with wide range of weird interests. Give me CREATIVITY or give me DEATH

  • Scott Wells

    Days at Sunlight Foundation. Nights and weekends with Christian Universalism in a Unitarian Universalist context, Esperanto.

  • Free Culture Foundation

    The mission of the Free Culture Foundation is to bring an end to the subjugation enabled by private ownership over media, ideas, and technology.

  • Rui Seabra


    Free Software advocate and coder.

  • laurelrusswurm

    the interwebz

    I'm a self publishing author, free culture advocate, media artist and a mom. ⇐ Author page: • Libreleft Books ⇓—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— ⇒ just now my GNUsocial Instance is under construction ( | email: ⇑

  • ghostdancer

    Donostia - San Sebastián

    dad, debian user, geek, love cooking and eating (not foodie) and drinking(from beer to whisky all the way through wine and gintonic)

  • Justin Washu O'Brien

    Richmond, United States

    Gonzo Technologist, Community Advocate, Oggcaster, blogger, Free Culture/Software and Civil Lib Advocate, Hacker, etc

  • newsmeback

    I like citizen journalism and I'm trying to develop it as much as I can

  • 4slam


    GNU social: -- | Twitter: @akwala -- | | |

  • Chris Watkins

    Melbourne, Australia

    Director of the Appropedia Foundation (I also manage @appropedia): knowledge sharing for sustainability & development.

  • Nikos Roussos

    Kalamávki, Greece

    opensource & digitalrights activist - @mozilla rep, @fedora dev, @fsfe ga member, @hackerspacegr member

  • Rafael Bonifaz


    Apasionado por el software Libre.

  • wikileaks-wiki


    a center-wiki for web-sites about wikileaks, whistleblowing, Anonymous. Mµ2wiki tag #WikiLeaks

  • Fair Vote Canada Waterloo Region Chapter

    Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada

    The aims and objectives of the Chapter are: * to support the goals of Fair Vote Canada and its multi-partisan, citizen-based campaign; * to provide a means for people in Waterloo Region to participate in the creation of a new voting system; and * to provide information on voting system reform to the public.

  • OrangeJournal2553

    Ingolstadt, Germany

    freie Journalisten

  • Scott Westerman

    East Lansing, United States

    Head Servant at the MSU Alumni Association. Got feedback? Need Help? Write

  • Chad McConnell

    Rochester, United States

    Just an Ubuntu user since 5.10

  • Børge A. Roum

    Oslo sentrum, Norway

    I'm a leftie, freegan, FLOSS & web 2.0 enthusiast. Climate change is the worst threat humanity has been up against. Why don't we fix it?

  • Máirín

    Boston, United States

    I'm an free / open source software interaction designer. I love Fedora and Hello Kitty among other things. Is mise mé féin, cé tusa?

  • Gavin Baker

    Washington, United States

    Any opinions solely personal