Lev Lazinskiy levlaz@identi.ca

Rising Sun, United States

Veteran, Musician, Free Software Enthusiast


  • Jelle Hermsen jel@identi.ca

    Dronten, Netherlands

    working father, free software enthusiast, FSFE fellow, self-employed programmer, musician, feminist

  • Alexandre Oliva lxoliva@identi.ca

    Campinas, SP, Brazil

    Free Software Evangelist. GNU speaker. Recipient of FSF's 2016 Award for the Advancement of Free Software. FSF Vice-president and Acting President. FSF and FSF Latin America board member. LibrePlanet São Paulo activist. 0G foreseer. Maintainer of GNU Linux-libre, and co-maintainer of the GNU Compiler Collection, GNU binutils and GNU libc. GNU tools engineer at AdaCore.

  • Trisquel GNU/Linux trisquel@identi.ca

    Trisquel is a fully free operating system based in GNU/Linux, for home users, small enterprises and educational centers.

  • Jason Self jxself@identi.ca

    Seattle, United States


  • mrs. stench lstench@identi.ca

    stay at home mom who loves open source

  • System76 system76@identi.ca

    Denver, United States

    Premier providers of Ubuntu laptops, desktops, and servers.

  • Luis Falcon meanmicio@identi.ca

    Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

    Free Software, Social and Animal Rights activist #Vegan President of GNU Solidario

  • Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér mjjzf@identi.ca

    Odense, South Denmark, Denmark

    Free software and culture-loving OfficeGeek, linguist, teacher, husband, father, fencer, writer, reader, eater and drinker.

  • GNOME gnome@identi.ca

    The Free Software Desktop Project

  • Rubén Rodríguez Pérez rubenquidam@identi.ca

    Peibás, Spain

    Computer engineer, Trisquel GNU/Linux fonder, GNU hacker, photographer, guitar player, ape descendant.

  • faither faither@identi.ca

  • Maxwell Draven ravenman@identi.ca

    Strelsau, Ruritania

    I'm a FLOSS enthusiast with an interest in artificial intelligence, robotics and systems administration

  • Mustard Lee seablue@identi.ca

    Noblesville, IN

  • lostson lostson@identi.ca

    Sinuiju, North Korea

    Just hitchhiking my way through the linux galaxy.

  • Carlos Solís arkblitz@identi.ca

    Santa Ana, Costa Rica

    Estudiante de informática de la UCR. Intereses: Inciclopedia, Fandub, StepMania, Animé, Software Libre, Idiomas Artificiales

  • Luis A. Guzman ark74@identi.ca

    Poza Rica

    Activista de SL, Filósofo Amateur, Ingeniero Sofista, Soñador Empedernido, Idealista Dinámico y Orgulloso usuario de Software Libre. Be #Useful #Kind #Grateful http://ark.switnet.org

  • Coyo Stormbringer coyo@identi.ca

    Garland, Texas, United States

    Youth and animal rights activist, devout anarchist, lover of old-school tech. Enjoys network overlays, Perl and Pascal, experimental Internet protocol suites, routing and switching, FTTH/FTTP 10/100 GigE, DWDM with ROADM, OC-768 and 10GPON. He gets additions to his network laboratory every Christmas.

  • Jannis Pohlmann jannis@identi.ca

    Manchester, United Kingdom

    Open Source Developer, President of the Xfce Foundation, Student in Computer Science and Musician.