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  • Dylan at 2014-07-10T21:31:51Z

    “Computers are too complex” my doctor said this to me yesterday. I didn't think much of it till this morning. I think I'm going to find another doctor.

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    Typically in computing things start out simple, yet over time more and more things are added which it wasn't designed to do making it more complex. Then years later someone comes along, redesigns it, making it simpler, and easier to use.
    It would be interesting to find out from your doctor what parts of computers he believes is too complex.

    jrobertson at 2014-07-11T02:41:28Z

    You mean you have a humble doctor? I wouldn't get rid of him, I'd treat him like gold!

    I mean, would you ever stop and pretend to know everything about the krebs/citric acid cycle in conversation? ..or just say it's too complicated? Seriously, computers do tip the "too complicated to bother" for most people (that's not to say they can't learn if they want to, it's just to say most prioritize other things) and people who are all "ha ha I bought an ipad, I'm suuuuch a geek!" are just fronting. It's ok to not know everything about everything and people who know that instead of taking every opportunity to pretend like they do are the very people you want to be your doctor, plumber, waiter, etc. because they're focusing on what they're good at. You're lucky :)

    aether at 2014-07-11T12:55:20Z

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  • Evan Prodromou at 2014-07-10T16:28:19Z

    With no power comes no responsibility.

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    (I grossly exaggerate as usual)

    Mike Linksvayer at 2014-07-10T17:10:22Z

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    With no power, you're off.

    Laura Arjona Reina at 2014-07-10T17:11:48Z

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    If people thought less about having power over others and more about setting a good example, the world would be a better place.

    I believe those with greater freedom have to be more responsible than those who don't possess the same freedom.

    jrobertson at 2014-07-10T18:03:19Z

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    With great shower comes great zestfully.

    D A C at 2014-07-14T19:33:09Z

  • The "maker movement" summed up in a single headline

    Nathan Willis at 2014-07-10T15:56:15Z

    "Fingerprint Scanner Both Simplifies And Complicates Opening Garage Door"

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  • Doug Whitfield Sports Account at 2014-06-30T15:51:13Z

    New note by One of our reporters is looking for #, #, and # fans. Please let me know if you're interested in being contacted by our reporter.

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  • Doug Whitfield Sports Account at 2014-06-25T15:20:55Z

    Congratulations to Pete, who managed to produce out third-most viewed article in the last seven days among all the World Cup news., Greg Grossmeier, Pete Daniels likes this.

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    it's also #3 over the last 30 days, but interestingly, the number 2 article is different over that period. (#1 article the same)

    Doug Whitfield Sports Account at 2014-06-25T15:24:47Z

  • Evan Prodromou at 2014-06-18T18:15:24Z

    Yeah, I know. It's actually a bit of a difficult problem. My expected solution is to have A automatically "share" those replies to all their followers.

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  • Greg Grossmeier at 2014-06-24T23:45:38Z

    Yesterday was at a triple-bogey. Today just at par. Improvement!

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  • at 2014-06-23T20:17:59Z

    As Assistant Principal Bone would say, this is going on your permanent record.

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  • Random Facts at 2014-06-21T17:38:09Z

    502 Bad Gateway ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ nginx/1.0.5


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  • Aaron Gibson at 2014-06-18T16:25:40Z


    #^This Happened: Woman Breaks Both Her Legs During Threesome in Car


    For the love of all that is holy, stop fucking in automobiles!

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    I'd say a threesome requires at least a mini van.

    Pete Daniels at 2014-06-18T16:38:06Z

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    There is a lot to be said for safe sex.

    jrobertson at 2014-06-18T16:38:06Z

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  • Doug Whitfield Sports Account at 2014-06-18T16:23:40Z

    Pete's email has me thinking about "creative" robots and the copyrightability of their works.

    Just for context: I've heard that robots are being used for sports reports. I'm 100% in favor of robots but not in favor of anything approaching true least not yet.

    However, robots "writing" reports would be great if we knew the reports were written by robots and thus not under copyright. I don't think we have any way of knowing that though, so the robots aren't contributing to the commons.

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    I think the TWiL argument treating robots like animals:

    I'm not sure you can give agency to robots. If software was the problem of the creator, than warranty disclaimers wouldn't work.

    I'd be happy to be pointed to case law or a section of Title 17 that suggests what you are saying with any certainty.

    Doug Whitfield Sports Account at 2014-06-18T16:57:28Z

    So, you write a bot. I change the parameters to produce what I want. You own everything the bot creates because you wrote the bot?

    That doesn't make any sense to me.

    Doug Whitfield Sports Account at 2014-06-18T17:01:46Z

    There appears to be a lot of digital ink spilled about this.

    The real question is...

    are there FLOSS news bots out there?

    Doug Whitfield Sports Account at 2014-06-18T17:06:33Z

    I can see where someone who was once #anti-bot may soon support the #bot_in_the_house_2016 campaign. at 2014-06-18T21:21:36Z

  • at 2014-06-18T00:16:14Z

    I really have not explored #Mississippi yet, primarily because of the work schedule.

    Every time a local resident finds out I'm from out of state, they say the same thing: "Give it a chance. It isn't the same as it was fifty years ago." The fact that they feel the need to immediately tell me this makes me hesitant to go out unnecessarily.

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    Bet they like to party though.

    Pete Daniels at 2014-06-18T01:01:27Z

  • Greg Grossmeier at 2014-06-15T09:20:32Z

    Where's the off button?

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    I think I operate on more of a flywheel. Just gotta let it run its course, and hope I am above something soft when the momentum ends...

    maiki at 2014-06-15T11:11:38Z

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  • joeyh at 2014-06-17T18:40:43Z

    redshift can be configured to turn up the red more than it does by default. This avoids any white glare, because only the red pixels are on. For example, I run it with -t 5800:1000 -g 0.9

    Only disadvantage of this is certain foreground/background pairs will appear as red on red or black on black.

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  • Random Facts at 2014-06-13T01:38:02Z

    502 Bad Gateway ══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ nginx/1.0.5


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  • Greg Grossmeier at 2014-06-10T21:25:41Z

    If a manager puts that one of their team members should be "better at saying no" it probably reflects just as much, if not more, on the manager than the team member.

    /me takes note about himself/his reviews he's doing

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  • Greg Grossmeier at 2014-06-10T17:06:42Z

    News flash: Public/private partnerships don't work. gives the (tomcat?) default 500 error page. works.

    Redirects are apparently hard and will require a new grant/explicit line item from the government contract, because, business model.

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  • Evan Prodromou at 2014-06-07T13:51:33Z

    Bradley Kuhn recently me asked me what the plan is with He pointed out that there a number of UI bugs with the Web interface, as well as some essential federation issues (for example, how comments don't get distributed to all followers).

    As most of you know, I've taken another full-time job, and has become a side project for me. A beloved side project that matters to me very much, but it's no longer what I spend all day working on.

    When I do have time to work on it, much of my work is system administration. E14N has some money still, but there's not any new money coming in, so I have to use what's left sparingly. Using cheaper resources more wisely with more efficient software is a big investment for me right now -- it means that we can keep these services running almost indefinitely.

    The good news there is that this has mostly been a success. From a peak in 2011, the cost of running the servers E14N uses has gone down two orders of magnitude. That's a huge step.

    That also means that I find myself with more time to work on the core software and supporting sites.

    Another big step is the incipient Social Web Working Group which I will be co-chairing. The group has a mandate to build a social data format, a client-to-server API, and a server-to-server protocol for social interaction. It's likely that the resulting suite of standards will bear a close resemblance to the current API, and I definitely intend to track it.

    Bradley asked me, "What's the plan?" and I'm going to take this opportunity to sketch out a plan for where is going.
    1. Over the next week, I'm going to take the current state of and release it as version 0.3 and start the 0.4 development. Yes, I realize there are still bugs outstanding, but it's probably time to just stamp it and move on.
    2. In the same time, I'm going to deal with the long list of pull requests and open issues with The PRs will either get a reply, get pulled to 0.4, or closed. The issues will get put into milestones for 0.4 or "maybe later" or "probably never".
    3. I've been working on the Facebook bridge for, and I'd like to get that operational before starting any other development work.
    4. My next project will be a Github bridge to share data about commits, issues, and pull requests to accounts on I think that will help with some visibility of the development activity.
    5. I'm going to convert the codebase to CoffeeScript. This may sound radical, but it's mostly a mechanical process with js2coffee. CoffeeScript is a mostly syntactical transformation of JS, and it's really a lot more fun to write. All the regular NodeJS libraries and modules work fine with CoffeeScript, and the installation process will stay the same (no coffee binary needed).
    6. I'm going to upgrade the dependencies -- Backbone, Bootstrap, Express, etc. A lot has changed in the last few years, and I'd like to keep up better.
    7. Start knocking down bugs in the core software -- mostly concentrating on distributed conversations and the notifications in the Web UI, but seeing if there are others that can get fixed.
    8. I'd like to release an 0.4 version by September of this year.
    Finally, I'd very much like to do a Kickstarter for the home pump server I discussed last year. I think it could be a lot of fun, and really help people get onto the network.

    I appreciate everyone's attention to I know that you've all put a lot of work into this platform, and I really appreciate it. I especially love that there are so many new clients and tools for the platform -- having that kind of ecosystem has been especially important to me.

    And everyone who's put their online social presence into an E14N server -- believe me, it's appreciated. You are literally the lifeblood of this network, and making things work right for you is why I do this.

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    >> howcanuhavemyusername (Metal Biker):

    “What about OStatus bridge with the other federated social platforms?”

    There is a bridge to StatusNet/GnuSocial. What would be great would be if GnuSocial added a Pump plugin on their side to have transparent federation, not bridges.

    JanKusanagi at 2014-06-09T10:02:51Z

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    [ Reposting this comment to make sure it appears publicly ]

    Evan, first of all, in case you didn't see my later comment after my post, I want to link to it here. My main point there is that we need to start thinking about as a community-oriented volunteer project now, and that's a good thing. Everything will take longer, but such projects have a long history of producing much better, longer-lasting results that VC-funded stuff.

    I don't have a lot to give, but I'd happily give $5 toward a Kickstarter. But, if you're talking about what I think you're talking about, I suggest you team up with the FreedomBox people and see if they have money left.

    I've been critical of FreedomBox because it took on too much. It tried to make a home server for all network services everyone could imagine where 'hard reboot' was the only sysadmin task. But, actually seeks to be what the FreedomBox said it would be on the social networking part, so you should at least talk with them about helping you with fundraising.

    Related to that, I encourage to apply to be a member project of Conservancy. (Of cousre, as a member of our Evaluation Committee, you'd have to recuse yourself of course from discussion about joining post-applying.) That would bring to bear the (albeit) meager resources of Conservancy to help with your fundraising and other efforts. We may be even able to get you gratis VPS's for if you don't have them already

    As you know from your work on the Eval Committee, no one eval committee member can assure acceptance of an application, but I would strongly support your application and I expect other eval members would to. The downsite for you is it would mean E14N letting go of the project, which may be just too painful to consider after all the work you put into.

    Evan, thnk you again for all you'e done: since we started, I truly think you are the only one who did more than "just talk" about what freedom for network services should be. You have worked for almost a decade now non-stop to make it happen. While we don't have a solution, you put a lot of great code out there and our community learned a lot. True federated social networking is one of the hardest technical problems our community has ever tried to solve, so any progress forward is impressive.

    Thank you, Evan, for all you have done. You are a true hero of software freedom. (And I'll be nominating you for the FSF Award for the Advancement of Free Software, BTW, and I hope others will too. :)

    Bradley M. Kuhn at 2014-06-09T21:44:55Z

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    @Evan Prodromou Will there be breaking changes to the API in 0.4?

    Michael at 2014-06-10T13:11:25Z

    Note that pumpbridge includes a facebook bridge.

    Please make explicit flattr targets for your work on (I already subscribe to you on flattr, but this would be much more explicit that thus better to advertise for).

    Bernhard E. Reiter at 2014-06-10T16:58:59Z