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Linux enthusiast, GEEK and Amateur Radio operator ... NISM ?

  • Dvd Mrsdn at 2013-07-24T07:41:11Z

    I'm thinking British porn users should use new codewords. Instead of saying 'porn' use 'Cameron' instead. Also:

    • 'blow-job' would become 'Theresa May'
    • 'wank' - 'Gove'
    • 'fisting' - 'Grayling'
    • 'STD' - 'IDS'


    Anyway, while I'm waiting for my tea to brew, I'm off to look for some hardcore Cameron so I can have a good old-fashoined stiff-upper Gove over some lesbian Grayling as my wife won't give me a Theresa May in the mornings (plus I won't get IDS).

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    I'm just about to have a Theresa May over some Gove Cameron..

    at 2013-07-24T09:10:39Z

    I can't think of anything more limp-making than those names.

    mcnalu at 2013-07-24T13:51:23Z

    Ah, yes. Eric Pickles Dysfunction. A common problem, I believe.

    Dvd Mrsdn at 2013-07-24T14:13:03Z

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  • Andy C at 2013-07-17T15:43:04Z

    OK - it's probably not even been a week yet but I feel the need to take a roll call. Or like 'Appell' in the popular board game 'Colditz'.

    David Marsden - dipped his toe in the water. Cross posting to Pump and Quitter using

    Luke Slater - mildly inactive on Pump and Quitter. Submitted a one-liner to focus the 'Comment' box.

    Ed Morgan - Tweeting away, blissfully unaware anything has changed.

    Richard Cutts - on Too lazy to maintain an SN presence.

    Dick Turpin - returned to the fold, energised by Pumpa and the lifting of the 140 character constraint.

    Dan Lynch - asleep in Liverpool. It's been very hot in the UK.

    Salty Peanuts - Friendica I think

    Matthew Davidson/Ruben Hillier - still active on Coffs Harbour SN instance.

    Gordon Sinclair - who cares ?

    Where did your StatusNet 'Inner Circle Of Trust' end up ?

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    "fractured networks" is an apt description -- silo vs. silo vs. silo. I hope that understanding how Pump works will give me a better model for supporting separate and connected networks. I'm thinking that I already understand it, if I would give myself a chance to see it.

    William L. Anderson at 2013-07-18T03:09:46Z

    I will be using 'federated networks' until the day I exit this mortal coil. Mainly, because, coupled with the thought of Peter Cannon, it brings the widest smile to my face.

    Andy C at 2013-07-18T09:28:51Z

    What ? What ? Wait ? Who said that ?

    Andy C at 2013-07-18T09:29:47Z

    I am pleased to report that Dan is awake and well over on Google+.

    rpcutts at 2013-07-21T08:43:58Z

  • Andy C at 2013-07-17T09:25:21Z

    Again, due to constraints, I am wearing some gay boy white gym shorts and a gay boy white T-shirt because I am just lounging around at home.

    The wife now offers - 'Would you like to go out for lunch ?' I wonder if I can grow a handlebar moustache in time.

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    You're Cliff Richard aren't you?

    dick_turpin at 2013-07-17T10:16:31Z

  • Nate and Robert

    at 2013-07-11T22:05:01Z

    My buddy Nate got to hang out with Robert Plant last night. They are label mates both being on Rounder Records. Pretty awesome to meet up with a rock n roll legend. :D

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