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Moscow, Russia

Developer of the AndStatus Pump.io, GNU Social, Twitter... client for Android. I'm a Business Applications Architect, seeing Pump.io as a door to the new Universe... or at least to the new communications :-)

  • 2018-12-16T06:27:59Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Very interesting discussion about collection of anonymous applications #statistics takes place in #FDroid forum. It's actually broader than F-Droid and applications :-)

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  • Client to server #ActivityPub layer for #Pump.io ?!

    2018-10-27T13:24:30Z via AndStatus To: Public, AJ Jordan, Evan Prodromou

    @alex@pump.strugee.net @evan@identi.ca Hello pals!
    Looking at the Pump.io's GitHub site https://github.com/pump-io/pump.io I see some discussions regarding #ActivityPub support, but I couldn't figure out if you are implementing client to server layer of #ActivityPub ?!
    If yes, what's the status of this work?
    I want to make #AndStatus Android app an ActivityPub client, but I need at least one server that supports this in order to test my implementation, naturally :-)

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    IIRC, there was a tracking issue for this, with specific checkboxes.

    AFAIK, they're working on the S2S part.

    JanKusanagi at 2018-10-31T15:25:49Z

  • Tweet - Assemblying a computer... https://t.co/aramDONO94

    2018-08-21T17:33:28Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Assemblying a computer...

  • 2018-02-08T16:25:55Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Just finished reading Thinking in Java Fourth Edition by Bruce Eckel published in 2006. Although the book describes the state of Java of more than ten years ago, it still contains many valuable observations, explanations and advices. Due to the book's age, it should be read with a caution, more as a philosophical and historical book than as a student's textbook.
    Anyway I didn't find any new book comparable by its quality with this one. Amount of work and mind put in it shows.
    Thank you, Bruce!

  • 2017-10-26T05:52:05Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Why one-to-one relation of Actor to Account is an edge case; from https://github.com/w3c/activitypub/issues/260
    Actor is actually User's virtual identity, their identifiable representative in a social network. Now please think about the Global Social Network ("federation of websites”), which is connected using #ActivityPub protocol.
    How many different Actors would you use and how many Accounts?
    I mostly use two different actors: "yvolk" as my personal Actor, and "#AndStatus” as my project's Actor. But I use (or used recently, so there is a history of my posts...) tens of Accounts to represent these two logical Actors at different Servers (websites). And I don't expect to switch to two Accounts for these two Actors any time soon. For many reasons... And as I see posts of other Users, they quite often use several Accounts e.g. for wider audience (different Servers have different audiences and different posts are visible from them...) and as a backup in a case of a server's outage or permanent shut down.
    Due to limitation of most of existing Servers, each separate Account means a separate Actor (and ActivityPub copies this approach). But this is not what a User wants, when he or she creates the same ”MyCoolUserName" at different Servers. Ideally a User needs to decide if any new Account is for the same existing Actor or for a new one.
    #ActivityPub currently not only doesn't give such an option. It confuses terminology and mixes User/Account/Actor notions so, that it's even impossible to express the need and clearly state current limitation of the protocol using terminology of this spec. But it will allow to clarify this using changes, resulted from this our discussion ;-)
    And I see that a User who needs only one Account for his Actor, is usually a Newbie or someone, who doesn't use a Social Network actively. This is why I regard one-to-one Account to Actor relation as an edge case, not as a normal one.
    URL: https://loadaverage.org/notice/10898565

  • 2017-10-26T05:49:59Z via AndStatus To: Public

    More on fixing #ActivityPub spec from https://github.com/w3c/activitypub/issues/260
    I understand that making "data model" correct by separating concerns would mean changes in the protocol specification, and I can understand eagerness of people, preparing the spec for a long time, to release it, at last, even not perfect. This is why I think that the most important thing now is to communicate clear and correct domain model and terminology, opening a way for future protocol improvements.
    This means that decision on whether or not to fix the data model now shouldn't be anchored with changes, related to resolution of this issue #260.
    E.g. despite still having "inbox URL" inside Actor object in a "data model" we should describe the URL as Account's attribute...
    URL: https://loadaverage.org/notice/10898554

  • 2017-10-26T05:40:29Z via AndStatus To: Public

    I continue my discussion with a team, creating #ActivityPub specification, doing my best to solve its conceptual mistake of presenting Users of the real world, their Accounts at servers and Actors of #ActivityStreams as synonyms, see https://github.com/w3c/activitypub/issues/260
    From that discussion:
    Account is not an Actor, it's an authorised communication channel, a way for an Actor to communicate in a Social Network using a Server... (more work on this phrase may be needed but the meaning is this). And this relation should be stated in the main part of the document, not in some "notes", exactly because this is a conceptual level statement, not an implementation intricacy...
    At the edge case, which happens to be the only case currently covered by the ActivityPub spec, Actor relates to Account as one-to-one. And only for that edge case mixing attributes of Actor and of Account can be done, but only as a temporary hack, violating design patterns...
    URL: https://loadaverage.org/notice/10898533

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  • 2017-10-04T05:53:05Z via AndStatus To: Public

    I filed a bug for #ActivityPub, which is exactly about Person's freedom to choose (and actually, change) an instance/server of a global social network without loosing his/her identity, including historical data.
    Moving from one instance of a federation to another is a normal case, just like having user accounts at several servers. And #ActivityPub specification should explicitly allow this.
    See https://github.com/w3c/activitypub/issues/260

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  • 2017-08-24T06:22:47Z via AndStatus To: Public

    As Bill Gates is reported to have said: "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it."

  • 2017-03-27T05:35:08Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Calendar Widget for Android got a new compact and clear "Single line" layout, see the screenshots https://github.com/plusonelabs/calendar-widget/issues/42#issuecomment-289261236
    To be honest, I dreamed about something like this since the first day I joined this Open Source project two years ago :-) Looking at what this layout brings to us, I don't understand, why I didn't do this earlier. Probably I thought that addition of an alternative layout would be a too hard task for me... but it took a working day only.
    This is only one of several recent improvements of the Calendar Widget, available at Google Play and f-droid. These changes are not released yet, but as a Source code is freely available, you can start playing with them right now https://github.com/plusonelabs/calendar-widget
    URL: https://loadaverage.org/notice/9664880

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  • 2016-10-24T18:24:28Z via AndStatus To: Public

    A screenshot of AndStatus http://andstatus.org

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  • 2016-10-24T18:03:33Z via AndStatus To: Public

    I'm beginning to rediscover Pump.io
    After the report https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/425 by clacke@microca.st I realised that due to some error in identi.ca I stopped receiving messages from the people, that I follow, at least 6 months ago. Instead, I was receiving messages by some other person, whom I didn't follow (the same in my Timeline of AndStatus and at the identi.ca web site).
    After re-following all of my Friends, I started to get something interesting, at last. Although not many new posts are created on Monday :-)
    And you know, I received two posts from another unknown person :-)
    This time I decided to figure out, why I see these posts and it appeared that these posts were "favorited" by one of my friends. AndStatus, unfortunately, doesn't show me this reason like it shows "shared" (reblogged/retweeted) posts. And it came to me that AndStatus really needs to show that the post is shown, because it is "liked/favorited". The same way as reblogs are shown, only starting with the "heart" 💛 icon. ?!

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    Activities are the building blocks of Pump.io, so it's important to see what activity you're displaying, and let the user know =)

    Also, there's an important distinction in Pump.io between major and minor feeds.

    JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2016-10-24T19:53:26Z

    If a message thay I wouldn't normally see is favorited by someone I follow, I don't expect that message to be shown in my main timeline. If it is a message that I have already received in my timeline, it may or may not be promoted outside the chronological order, if I haven't already seen it, for some measurement of "seen".

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2016-10-26T16:24:31Z

  • 2016-10-22T13:25:58Z via Identi.ca Web CC: Public

  • 2015-08-08T08:08:20Z via AndStatus To: Public

    After today's upgrade of my PC from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 10 I think that I was right doing this:
    1. My system C: drive free space increased by 85Gb. 4-years' garbage of Windows updates was deleted, at last!
    2. As a software developer I checked how Android Studio works and was pleased to see that Android 5.1. emulator with 1.5Gb of RAM started to work! So at last I can test applications on latest Android OSes using my PC. In about a year in Windows 7 I had to recheck everything on hardware devices because emulator on PC constantly crashed... (it is widely known that under Windows emulator having more than 760 Mb of RAM may crash)
    3. No other changes, which would brake my usual habits. All my apps migrated, even fingerprint logon still works without any changes. I still can have Google Chrome as a default browser. Start menu has all I need and didn't change (for me) that much from Windows 7...

    My PC: Lenovo T520, 12Gb RAM 256Gb SSD + 512 Gb HDD, two displays 1920x1080
  • 2015-03-22T11:10:54Z via AndStatus To: Public, Tobias Diekershoff, sazius CC: Followers

    @sazius@pump.saz.im This is how I see our conversation via AndStatus
  • AndStatus@Identi.ca shared by Yuri Volkov at 2014-10-25T06:03:40Z via AndStatus To: Public

    AndStatus v.13.0. released "Migration to Android v.4.1 and the latest secure communication protocols" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.andstatus.app
    What's new:
    1. Dropped compatibility with Android before v.4.1. This made application look modern and familiar to Android users.
    2. GNUsocial.de, Quitter.no, Quitter.is and GNUsocial.no added to the list of the preconfigured "Microblogging systems". See https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/121
    3. Added support for TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 secure protocols in order to support recently strengthened security at some servers. See https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/136

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  • 2014-09-09T04:51:54Z via AndStatus To: Public

    @speeddefrost My observation is that Pump.io development stopped before the platform became good enough :-( It's a pity that so many former users of identi.ca are left with a broken service... An instructive example for other "revolutionaries".
    URL: https://https://loadaverage.org/notice/2687299

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    Pump.io development isn't stopped...

    Arcee at 2014-09-09T16:11:01Z

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  • 2014-08-20T11:36:27Z via AndStatus To: Public

    sazius@pump.saz.im "Even in email, I don't address people as foobar@somesite.com in the text, and doing that doesn't add them as a recipient. Those addresses are for the to/cc headers"
    So you agree that addressing people in a post is needed/is acceptable but don't like referring them by UserIDs or emails?! - this exactly fits into my proposal to delegate to client application this "on the fly" replacement of UserIDs to Display Names (optionally, if User needs this. See previous messages in the discussion...).

    See? This note is completely out of context now. And is only sent to "Public", not addressed to sazius at all.

    He won't be notified, and he won't receive it in his "Messages" inbox. This is just a plain Public message that happens to have the word "sazius" in it.

    JanKusanagi @identi.ca at 2014-08-20T13:11:08Z

    jankusanagi@identi.ca "See? This note is completely out of context now. And is only sent to "Public", not addressed to sazius at all.
    He won't be notified, and he won't receive it in his "Messages" inbox. This is just a plain Public message that happens to have the word "sazius" in it."
    I wrote that message at work, between lots of different activities plus I tried to emulate manually what application can easily automate. Struggling with Pump.io blindness to Comments on Comments... :-)
    And naturally I forgot to send the composed message as a "reply".
    This is a piece of cake to parse message for @username@hostname (or even for "Display name" of some favorited recipients...) and add them to "To" field. But this effectively frees a User from having that "To" field at all.

    Yuri Volkov at 2014-08-20T17:53:37Z

  • AndStatus@Identi.ca shared by Yuri Volkov at 2013-10-07T19:28:43Z via AndStatus To: Public

    AndStatus 1.18.0 released. Act as... added for multiple accounts in one system In a case you have more than one account in one Microblogging system, AndStatus adds one more item to the message context menu, allowing you "to act as..." another account on the same message. This feature may be very convenient when e.g. one of the users you are following as an "account1", posts a note, which is more appropriate for discussion (replying or reblogging) as your another identity: "account2". This allows your accounts to be more focused (on one language, one topic etc.) and to avoid following the same user by more than one of your accounts. https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/wiki/changelog

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