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  • Jonas (kabniel) at 2015-02-12T19:26:44Z

    Dear developer, your "Revert all the things" add-on was blocked by our automatic systems for one of the following reasons.

    • Mozilla UX masters knows best.
    • HTML5 DRM tampering.
    • Add-on not compatible with current firefox version, try again in a month.
    • Add-on will not break in next firefox version.
    • DMCA request by owner of Candy Crush Things(tm).
    • *** by *** based on your geographical location.

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  • Evan Prodromou at 2014-11-11T03:01:20Z

    I wonder if Groupon's OS is also a triple-recursive backronym or whatever. "Groupon Non-Opensource Mercantile Environment."

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  • olm-e at 2014-10-28T17:46:00Z

    le problème n'est pas tant l'injection de liquidités que la répartition de celles-ci, allant toujours au même "élites" financières et jamais dans l'économie réelle ... d'où la nécessité d'une monnaie libre et centrée sur l'humain (à la TRM ... )

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  • JanKusanagi @i at 2014-09-15T02:20:22Z

    No way! Last time we ended up talking about flying cars in the 2000s and now we're all very disappointed :(

    Let's talk about TARDISes. That never disappoints!

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  • olm-e at 2014-08-30T13:17:16Z

    le problème c'est qu'actuellement, peu de gens se sont penché sur une solution permettant de rémunérer vraiment les créateurs sur base d'une participation libre, mais aussi d'un catalogue fourni et bien présenté... c'est soit l'un soit l'autre : catalogue fourni et documenté, mais gratuis pour les artistes, ou très peu rémunérateur comme sur les plateformes propriétaires, ou participation libre mais pas de traitement de l'information alors qu'il y a ponction financière comme Flattr...

    à quand une mise en place d'un véritable structure commune permettant la rémunération et la documentation (critique?) des oeuvres... il y a du travail... mais peu de moyens.

    En tout les cas, il faut travailler sur les standard de mutualisation de flux, c'est certain, pour éviter le problème d'"une plateforme de plus" ...

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  • Gemini at 2014-05-26T07:18:57Z

    Tellement vrai. Dans la même veine, le dessin pourrait remplacer un ballon par un étranger et le mettre au milieu de la foule. Et la foule se détournerai alors de sa colère initiale en lynchant l’étranger. Pour parfaire le tout, le patron pourrait avoir une petite étiquette FN et serait alors la parfaite allégorie de ce qui se passe en ce moment.

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  • Stephen Sekula at 2014-05-15T13:33:11Z

    My $0.02.

    To answer your question, @Evan Prodromou: "It's not, and Mozilla must adapt or die."

    That said, adaptation is necessary to survival but the community must continue to push content onto platforms that are owned by the community so that DRM is a non-issue for the things people create. Companies will do what they want, but that doesn't mean we have to follow them like sheep.

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  • Gemini at 2014-05-13T12:11:34Z

    Comme d’habitude, on marche sur la tête. Une autre façon de voir les choses est que cette aberration met en lumière quels intérêts le législateur sert. Ce n’est pas celui du peuple en tout cas, celui-ci, selon lui, semblant devoir ingurgiter tous les poisons chimiques de l’industrie « phytosanitaire ».

    En même temps,  puisque cela nous rend malade, c’est également bon pour les pharmas et ça creuse le trou de la sécu, donc bon pour les assurances santé privées. Bref, quand on y réfléchit un peu, en fait, tout coule de source.

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  • idoric at 2014-04-26T09:27:21Z

    Je vais certainement devoir partir à la recherche rapidement d'un laptop sous Linux ou sans OS (mais dont on est sûr que tous les composants seront reconnus sous Linux), de bonnes adresses à me filer ? N'hésitez par à RT. Merci d'avance.

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    Je viens de tomber sur une liste fournie de distributeurs/assembleurs :

    idoric at 2014-04-26T10:41:15Z

    je suis passé par celui là sans aucun problème il y a 6 mois

    Krugor at 2014-04-27T08:32:00Z

  • Danc at 2014-01-15T13:39:17Z

    "Dans le boot, redoute ..."

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  • We don't follow the easy path, but it's fun! (and better, IMHO)

    Laura Arjona Reina at 2014-01-12T18:11:18Z

    We (my husband and me) try to educate our son on that when something is broken, first we try to repair it, if it is not possible, then we try to give it a second life, etc. We (broke* and) repaired together clothes, toys, books, computers... We have used broken things to make new toys, created costumes... When we want to do something we look first at the materials we have at home.

    ( * sometimes things break accidentally, other times, when trying to figure out new ways of playing or trying to open them to see their parts. Toys are for playing and learning, and that includes a bit hacking too, isn't it?).

    I don't buy a different type of biscuits or flakes or whatever until he finishes the last one he chose. If he's bored, we play with combinations or decorations to make them more fun.

    When we go to do the shopping, first we make a list at home. If there are temptations in the mall, then I can say "we didn't come here to buy that, it's not in the list. If you want it, next week, when we make the list, we talk about it".

    We borrow books and films from the library, handle them with care (no hacking allowed with those ones!), and return them back, almost every week. I wish there were similar places as libraries, but for toys! (well, we have the park, where everybody must share the toys he/she brings, but it's not the same).

    These may look like small things, but it's incredible the pressure of our culture: "is it broken? Throw it and buy a new one" or "We need to buy this in order to make that", or "I don't like this anymore, let's buy a different thing". You don't realize until you try to follow a different path! Or until you have a son/daughter and he/she comes with those ideas, and you wonder "from where did he/she learned that?".

    We'll see for how long we can resist. Anyway, every day I give thanks, because our son means a daily opportunity for rethinking our world, and trying to do my best at explaining it, and making it more similar to the world that we would like to live in!

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    Really nice post and way to educate your child :)
    But I more wanted to comment about the "library for toys". I'm not sure it's the kind of "toys" you're searching for, but for board games, you can find a lot of stores where you can play in the shop or rent them. That's usually not to expensive and most of all, you can have advices from the people working there to discover new board games which are not very popular or even not translated in English (in this case, play in the shop to be sure to find someone answering your questions about the rules ^^ ) .

    Guillaume Smith at 2014-01-13T00:10:26Z

    depends what you call "easy"

    sometimes its easier to improvise with something lying around at home than to go to the hassle of going to a shop and possibly not being able to afford it anyway! I don't really like shopping and absolutely hate waiting. :-)

    if its a choice between trying something TODAY using whatever I find lying around or waiting (to buy/afford/have shipped) the former is is the one that is far more likely to result in anything worthwhile! - if there is more than a day's wait (usually the case for online shopping), my motivation evaporates! (and that ends up being put off .. and put off .. and forgotten)

    often for me doing/making something myself is the only way to actually get it done!

    I really find it hard to understand why so many people are so obsessed with shopping and throwing out stuff. I don't see any fun in either!

    michaelmd at 2014-01-13T03:36:47Z

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    That's a great way to raise a child.  My creative parents raised us similarly, and I still believe I can make pretty much anything I set my mind to.  It is economical and fun, but I think figuring out how to make things also helps children to learn critical thinking.  
    When my child was small, we used to go to a drop-in centre near where we lived in Toronto.  There were lots of toys and kids to play with there. I heard of at least one toy library that I believe was organized by a parent group, but we only found out about it when we were moving, so I really don't know how it worked.

    laurelrusswurm at 2014-01-13T11:47:39Z

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  • Danc at 2014-01-03T12:46:51Z

    Merci pour le lien.
    Les deux dernières lignes décoiffent !

    "Les rares chanceux qui auront un travail créatif seront la vraie élite de l’humanité, car eux seuls feront plus que servir une machine.

    L’hypothèse la plus sombre que je puisse faire pour 2014 est que dans une société de loisirs forcés, le mot travail sera le plus valorisé du vocabulaire !"

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  • Infinite Scrolling

    XKCD at 2013-12-27T13:45:03Z

    Infinite Scrolling

    Maybe we should give up on the whole idea of a 'back' button. 'Show me that thing I was looking at a moment ago' might just be too complicated an idea for the modern web.

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  • Gemini at 2013-07-26T06:15:32Z

    À ce jour, soutenir la coopérative Enercoop me semble le seul moyen de véritablement aider au déploiement des énergies renouvelables en France. De part son statut, d’une part, qui garantit que la conduite démocratique de la coopérative, mais également d’un point de vue éthique, où tout l’argent gagné sera réinvesti dans le développement des énergies renouvelables et ne servira pas à enrichir quelques actionnaires privilégiés.

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  • 1g0r at 2013-07-14T13:02:20Z

    Depuis que j'ai fait le coup du désabonnement et réabonnement, c'est pas comme si je voyais beaucoup plus de choses, hein... :(

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  • fablefou at 2012-11-07T09:04:40+00:00

    À Amsterdam, le Rijksmuseum propose 125.000 œuvres numérisées librement réutilisables !clibre

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