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  • Self hosting a mail server?

    Laura Arjona Reina at 2013-12-09T20:01:44Z

    It looks like a good idea to self host a mail server (for me, for my familiy): it's a way of communicate that I really love, supports encryption, and if the server is down, delivery will be retried for several times (even days!). It can be done in a complete free as in freedom software stack.

    Email scales beautifully without anybody at the center keeping all of it. We need to make a mail server for people that costs five bucks and sits on the kitchen counter where the telephone answering machine used to be, and that s the end of it. If it breaks you throw it away. ("Snowden and the Future, Part IV: Freedom's Future" by Eben Moglen ) (edited to add a closing parenthesis so I don't go mad)

    Eben Moglen says "we need to make" so that means that we are not there yet. Spam fighting, other servers mark your mails as spam, people not remembering your email address, difficult to maintain... Many fears that I would like somebody to tell me that they are only #FUD, but I'm afraid is not so easy as setting up a Wordpress (wink to Mike Linksvayer) or even a Mediagoblin (wink to Christopher Allan Webber). Some of my heroes here, jpope and sazius, host almost their everything but not their email. Many free software communities offer email alias to their full-qualified members, I wonder why an email alias and not an email account, given that it's a so basic need (even Universities offer that to their students) and the communication of the project is based on that in many cases too. Maybe legal reasons?

    So, I'm going to try to read a bit about this topic, and maybe do some test installs of mail server. From this lovely pump community, what I would like is:

    • Practical experiences (for example, if you run your own mail server, hardware and other kind of needs, the software stack that you use, the good and the bad things).
    • Thoughts on that paragraph by Eben Moglen. If agree with it, and if you know projects that are working on that.
    • Any other comments that you like :)

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    I'm running citadel cause I can't figure out all that...postfix dovecot...whatever I gave up. If you're looking for a quick and idiotproof email solution, take it from an idiot, citadel is it (I'm using citadel-suite from the debian repos)

    aether at 2013-12-10T18:51:43Z

    I've translated the note to Spanish, it's here

    He traducido la nota al español, está aquí

    Thanks everybody for your comments! ¡Gracias a todos por los comentarios!

    Laura Arjona Reina at 2013-12-10T19:56:41Z

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    @Hugo Roy: Ah, right. I forgot about sending. I just have the reverse PTR set (an issue for a home ISP server) and appropriate SPF DNS records set on my iWeb servers, but I guess the default reverse PTR records from a home ISP might cause issues with some spam filters?

    Didn't think about considerations for sending directly from a home server -- even my home server just relays outgoing mail through my iWeb SMTP server now, so it's not a direct issue for me at the moment... But, home connections aside, a reverse PTR record and SPF record typically do the trick for avoiding getting caught in spam filters. (That, and keeping the server secure...)

    Blaise Alleyne at 2013-12-11T17:13:53Z

    ISPs submit ther dynamic IP blocks to the Spamhaus Policy Block List as a matter of course (the PBL is a list of IP addresses for which the owners have said that as a matter of network policy will never originate E-Mail)

    This is a win for the ISPs (it makes the blocks useless to spambots) and, to be honest, I can't see any reason why the situation would change.

    As for E-Mail: I think half of the reason why setting up an E-Mail server is so scary because it's an essential service. If E-Mail goes wrong, we drop off the net.

    As for myself: I setup and mostly configured my new VPS to handle E-Mail a month ago, but haven't cut over to it yet due to the difficulty of extracting all the mail from my GMail account. Now that Google have announced Google Takeout for GMail, that should be a lot easier (And thanks, Google, for demonstrating that you do still care about data portability)

    Owen Shepherd at 2013-12-13T10:57:12Z

  • Evan Prodromou at 2013-12-21T18:26:53Z

    I'm pretty sure we're all going to look back on the Age of JSON and laugh, laugh, laugh.

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    I really gotta learn to turn off that verbosity flag.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2013-12-21T23:55:18Z

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    I think I speak for everyone here when I say... "what was the stupid mail about??" =)

    JanKusanagi @i at 2013-12-22T01:03:20Z

    Asking some details clarifying how to do federation of media entries nicely with Evan's vision of Pump.  The email was longer than needed probably (sorry Evan), not to mention that I was mising something super obvious in the activitystreams spec.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2013-12-22T01:24:51Z

    is JSON really crappy, or is the problem with how it gets used?

    Andrew E at 2013-12-22T08:46:59Z

  • Evan Prodromou at 2013-12-21T22:12:42Z

    Backing up and shutting down the last of the huge, expensive servers. Moving most of the accounts to tiny, inexpensive servers. Happy about this.

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    Don't overestimate the flexiility of the people.

    Michael at 2013-12-23T08:06:32Z

    Hi, can you give us an idea of the difference between the two kind of servers (proc, ram, ...) and the reason of such difference ? Would be happy to learn about it !

    Danc at 2013-12-23T12:43:25Z

    >> Evan Prodromou:

    “Ron: use .”

    How often do the push to twitter happen, on pump2tweet ?

    Olivier Berger at 2013-12-23T20:27:18Z

    >> heluecht:

    “Don't overestimate the flexiility of the people.”

    If systems couldn't evolve due to users not being flexible, we'd probably still be in the stone or iron age :p

    JanKusanagi @i at 2013-12-23T20:27:35Z

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  • PumpIO in the AUR

    jpope at 2013-12-23T01:55:02Z

    This is cross-posted from my blog

    I have added a package for to the AUR: link. Hopefully, if someone attempts to use it, it actually works.

    At the time of this writing, I've been using Arch for about 2 years. During this time, I've downloaded and edited PKGBUILD's from the AUR quite a few times. Until recently, I haven't actually maintained any public PKGBUILD's. Time for that to change.

    I wrote the PKGBUILD from scratch, using a few others as a guide, along with the Arch wiki entry and my setup.

    Installing from the AUR will install it to /usr/share/webapps/pumpio, place a sample config file at /etc/webapps/pumpio/ and a systemd file at /usr/lib/systemd/system/pumpio.service. The AUR package will install the node dependecies (along with databank-mongodb and databank-redis as they seem to be the most popular databank backends currently). With the sample config that is installed, you should be able to run a testing instance as soon as it's installed.

    Here would be me installing it and running it. Adjust commands as needed:

    $ cd ~/aur
    $ cower -d pumpio-git
    $ makepkg -i
    $ su -c 'systemctl start pumpio'

    Then, open http://localhost:8000 in your preferred browser. (so long as it isn't IE (oh, wait. Us Arch users are smarter than that...)) Create an account and have fun pumping.

    Notes concerning the package:

    • This package creates a new user pumpio, so long as it doesn't exist
    • The systemd service runs
      /usr/bin/node ./bin/pump -c /etc/webapps/pumpio start
      to start the pump using the pumpio user
    • If the pump process dies for any reason, systemd will attempt to restart it
    • The sample config is set to use the memory databank which is perfect for testing. Your data will be wiped (aside from uploads) when you stop/restart the process
    • The logging option is enabled however, no logfile is set. This allows for the logging to go straight to the system log. Run # journalctl -f -u pumpio to see live logging.
    • Photo uploads are set to go to /tmp/ via the sample config
    • There is likely something else that I should put here but, I'll just have to add it in later...

    If you decide to run a pump in production, you'll not want to use the memory databank. Choose a proper databank. You should be able to install the databank globally (i.e. npm install -g databank-****) and it'll work. Also, don't forget to install your preferred datastore via the repos or AUR and get it up and running. You'll also need a permanent uploads directory and set it in the config. To set any other config options, check the wiki and config options for more. Also, you may want to see my blog post, then again, maybe not...

    If there are any issues with the PKGBUILD, please let me know either via the AUR or my contact page . Considering that this is my first "proper"0 package, it's bound to have issues.

    Sidenote: Also, I am using cower my usual yaourt thanks to Andrea Scarpino's suggestion. Seems nice so far, not nearly as automated as yaourt but, that's actually a good thing.

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    thats what's needed for wider adoption

    boneidol at 2013-12-23T02:04:02Z

    would like to try connecting my own diy data store to databank.. where do I start?

    michaelmd at 2013-12-23T03:46:45Z

    Maybe you could modify the blog post and put a tutorial on on how to set it up :-) at 2013-12-23T08:27:09Z

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  • JanKusanagi @i at 2013-12-31T20:19:34Z

    Hmmm.. I don't know...

    For me, the sign that I'm at the right friend's house, would probably be that their WiFi is an Ethernet cable =)

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  • Evan Prodromou at 2013-12-21T22:26:31Z

    If you say that anything 'wins the Internet' one more time, I swear I will cut you.

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  • Evan Prodromou at 2013-10-31T15:07:53Z

    A few months ago, I decided to take most of my personal data out of Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

    I kept my given name, but other personally-identifying info (like phone number, address, city of residence, workplace, education) I erased.

    This seems to be driving Facebook's software into conniptions. It asks me every single time I go to the site, "Hey, what's your home town?" or "Hey, did you go to UC Berkeley? 8 of your friends went to Berkeley, so we think maybe you went there. Did you?"

    It also asks my friends for personal info. I get occasional updates like, "So-and-So McGee says you live in Montreal. Click here to confirm."

    I'd love to turn all this stuff off -- "I'm already fully onboarded and don't need to be prompted to share more data" but of course that's not what Facebook privacy settings are for.

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    WTF*k!  there's a reason Facebook can be shortened to F*k, no?

    Alexandre Oliva at 2013-11-01T02:56:51Z

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    If I don't use Facebook I am completely isolated from people I know IRL. at 2013-11-01T04:34:39Z

    I know that problem .. I do have a FB account .. but it seems like some people seem to expect me to check there every day!

    I keep finding they leave messages for me there and i often don't see them till well after its too late.

    I don't see those in my feed because they aren't the shared status messages. (different type of message - and any connectivity would have to handle them differently too)

    michaelmd at 2013-11-01T05:15:02Z

    I completely dropped FB and GPlus after giving my meatspace contacts plenty of notices about how and where to reach me. Most of them never made any effort to remain in touch, which tells me that I was staying in those places based on a false view of the value of the relationships. This value was completely one-sided.

    My only regret is that I did not close those accounts much earlier. at 2013-11-01T23:37:59Z

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  • Movember, mo problems

    at 2013-11-02T16:26:30Z

    It's on.

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    Can you delete my account pls? There's no UI option (yet?).

    Account Removed at 2013-11-02T18:14:38Z

    Evan is not impressed =)

    JanKusanagi @i at 2013-11-02T21:07:37Z

    Nothing so far. Let's wait a few more days.

    Account Removed at 2013-11-03T11:41:24Z

  • Evan Prodromou at 2013-11-03T14:19:59Z

    One of the biggest requests I get right now on is "Can you delete my account?"

    The answer is no. Not because I hate your freedom or because I don't want to let you leave, but because I haven't programmed the functionality to delete users into

    There's an open issue for it here:

    If you want your account deleted from one of the E14N systems, send me an email at and I'll put you on the list of accounts to get deleted when I have this functionality in place.

    And, yes: I know that when you've decided to stop using, there is exactly one piece of functionality that matters to you. But there are thousands of other users who have other priorities. I'm sorry for the delay, and I will get it working for you at some point.

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    @evan, you can't get rid of me quite that easily, and there is a big #badass bunch of us who feel the same way. Like a bad penny I keep sh owing up to bluster your fluster.

    We can never thank you enough for all your time and effort(ssss). Your patience with us kids on your lawn(s) has always been over the top incredible. Thanks again. And again. Virtual hugs!

    MT at 2013-11-03T15:40:36Z

    Just to echo, when first appeared I intended to run a private pump server but could not make it work in my system at the time. So I setup a account. Then converted, so I had 2 accounts. Then I got The Hub up and running on an RPi via Apache Websocket support, and I had achieved my goal. Now I want to migrate the data from and to The Hub . . . but that won't happen until migration tools appear. After that, I want to delete those accounts. So I intend to cut my total number of pump accounts by 2/3 some day - not because I am leaving the pump network, but because I achieved my original goal.

    Stephen Sekula at 2013-11-03T15:57:05Z

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    I think doesn't delete user accounts, or at least they didn't do when I wanted to delete mine back in 2011. They answered my request that it was for "security" reasons so that my name could not be reused by someone else for nefarious purposes. They recommended me to set just remove my information and set a random password. Not entirely unreasonable.

    sazius old account at 2013-11-03T17:29:54Z

    @sazius You could create a list of "used account names" before deleting the account. The you could check against this table at the time of the registration process.

    Michael at 2013-11-03T17:40:23Z

  • mcnalu at 2013-08-12T21:45:02Z

    Dammit. I'm a whistleblower with no whistle or puff and also no secrets, but I demand my anonymity!

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  • Evan Prodromou at 2013-08-13T21:11:51Z

    I pushed some code this afternoon to use the WYSIHTML5 widget for comments as well as new posts. This should let you add styles, paragraph layout, lists, and links to comments.

    Let me know if you see problems. 

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    I wish. I've still got 82 issues to finish before releasing 0.3.0. And there may be some I need to fit in there later.

    Evan Prodromou at 2013-08-13T21:32:58Z

    The  Note button isn't working for me today, even after repeated reloads no form comes up, but I don't know if this is related.

    joeyh at 2013-08-13T22:22:15Z

    wow cool new things! I did a git pull.

    Ryan Weal at 2013-08-14T04:52:59Z

  • Evan Prodromou at 2013-08-14T16:32:17Z

    Dear investor: I don't want to read your newsletter. You didn't give me any money and I don't owe you any attention. Signed: an entrepreneur.

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  • Evan Prodromou at 2013-07-17T17:36:31Z

    So, I pushed a fix today for a problem I introduced last week. Here is the problem: when saw an object id it hadn't seen before, it would add some extra fields like replies, likes, shares. This is for the use case where you have an application that stores data about its objects in Unfortunately, in some cases it was adding incorrect endpoints for e.g. people on remote servers. Those incorrect endpoints were back feeding to the original server, making them impossible to contact. I've put a few checks in place. First, I kept any object from being updated if it's local. Second, when a new object is seen, if possible, we do Web finger discovery to find the original on its own server. We use that authoritative data instead. Third, I'm going to put some auto-correction code to fix the broken "person" objects. That should go out tonight or tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who has been patient while I work this out.

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    cool, thanks Evan

    axel at 2013-07-17T17:54:19Z

    So if I understand correctly, my "broken" instance won't start to get updated until that third fix is out? Because other instances now have the broken person objects, which is why they can't post to me?

    sazius at at 2013-07-17T17:50:23Z

    Aha! This explains how I was seeing URLs attached to the /public/ object!

    Owen Shepherd at 2013-07-17T17:52:03Z

    Irony of this post is that it was blank on my instance, but seeing all the thank-you messages I figured I should git pull. Result: page reloaded and I have a message with the details on what happened! :D

    Ryan Weal at 2013-07-17T19:05:35Z

  • Cédric Heintz at 2013-07-14T08:32:08Z

    Let's hope it will be possible to disable this in the future...

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  • Martin Gräßlin at 2011-06-25T09:00:54+00:00

    Improved rendering of Wayland Clients in !KDE now with full decoration behind the client

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    @mgraesslin if you work on like that kde sc 4.8 will be able to handle wayland properly

    Jonathan Kolberg at 2011-06-25T10:38:11+00:00

  • Account to delete at 2011-06-06T01:23:47+00:00

    "Wake up, Linux hippies: No one 'morally obligated' to give back" : // # #

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  • Account to delete at 2011-05-29T23:56:40+00:00

    Are there any examples of people abusing the BSD licenses? - The FreeBSD Forums |

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