Tiago Bortoletto Vaz tiagovaz@identi.ca

Montreal, Canada



  • Alexandre Oliva lxoliva@identi.ca

    Campinas, SP, Brazil

    Free Software Evangelist. GNU speaker and advisory committee member. Recipient of FSF's 2016 Award for the Advancement of Free Software. FSF Latin America board member. LibrePlanet São Paulo activist. 0G foreseer. Maintainer of GNU Linux-libre, and co-maintainer of the GNU Compiler Collection, GNU binutils and GNU libc. Libre-SOC contributor. GNU tools engineer at AdaCore.

  • GNU MediaGoblin mediagoblin@identi.ca

    Making the world a better place through free software, decentralized, autonomous media hosting.

  • Mònica dunetna@identi.ca

    A free software/culture lover and a Debian user/developer

  • Laura Arjona Reina larjona@identi.ca

    Madrid, Spain

    Trying to live according to the Golden Rule. Studying, using and promoting Libre Software (Software that respects your freedom) https://wiki.debian.org/LauraArjona

  • Paulo Meirelles paulormm@identi.ca

    São Paulo, Brazil

    Ph.D student at University of Sao Paulo

  • Rogério Theodoro de Brito rbrito@identi.ca

    São Paulo, Brazil


  • owncloud owncloud@identi.ca

    web services under your control

  • Gergely Nagy algernon@identi.ca

    Budapest, Hungary

    A tiny mouse, a hacker. Not active here anymore, tooting at https://trunk.mad-scientist.club/@algernon instead.

  • Francesca Ciceri madamezou@identi.ca


    Debian user, developer and translator, craftster, anarchist, social scientist, zombie-movies nerd, fan fiction addicted. Also: guitar, guitar, guitar, some trumpet, and tons of music in general.

  • Debian Project debian@identi.ca

    Making the universal operating system, free as in freedom. ♥ The Debian identi.ca account is now fed by the Debian micronews site. Help animating this account: → http://deb.li/identica

  • Al-Scandar Solstag solstag@identi.ca

    São Paulo, Brazil

    Ni! For xmpp and e-mail: user solstag server member.fsf.org ; for diaspora: user solstag server joindiaspora.com

  • David Paleino dpaleino@identi.ca

    Mazara del Vallo, Italy

  • Deivi Lopes Kuhn deivi@identi.ca

    Brasília, Brazil

    Software Livre, Cultura Livre, Música para Baixar, Política, Economia, tecnologia, Música, Baixo, Blues Rock, S. C. Internacional

  • Richard Stallman Political Notes rms@identi.ca

    Cambridge, United States

    These are automatically posted from my blog. I don't read messages on identi.ca, please email me -- rms@gnu.org instead.

  • Aurélio A. Heckert aurium@identi.ca

    Programmer, Digital Artist, Free Software Developer, Vegetarian, and @COLIVRE member

  • Stefano Zacchiroli zack@identi.ca

    Paris, France

    Geek, Debian Project Leader 2010-2013, Free Software zealot, Computer Science professor. Italian from Bologna, emigrated to Paris, France

  • Christine Spang spang@identi.ca

    Cambridge, United States

    I climb trees barefoot.

  • gregor herrmann gregoa@identi.ca

    Innsbruck, Europe

    Debian Developer. European citizen. OpenPGP key 0xBB3A68018649AA06. Content under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

  • Luciana Fujii fujii@identi.ca

    Belo Horizonte, Brazil

  • Michael Prokop mikagrml@identi.ca

    Graz, Austria

    Debian Developer, Grml.org project leader,