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  • Avadiax at 2015-03-28T11:56:45Z via AndStatus To: Public

    How Baidu's traffic is injected with malicious code to DDoS GitHub.

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  • 2015-03-27T00:26:42Z via AndStatus To: Public

    How odd if I allow #AndStatus access to the net via #afwall+ it ignores my proxy settings guess it just gets LAN privledges.

  • Greg Grossmeier at 2015-03-26T20:29:55Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Here's the thing about whistleblowing: the person doing the whistling should be able to be completely anonymous BUT, the person they share the info with, well, probably shouldn't.

    Reasoning: Why should I trust ? Who is it? A whois doesn't help (privacyguard registration). Which "variety of media partners" do they work with?

    Trust man. It's important. If you want anyone to take a chance on you, you need to show them they can trust you.

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  • 2015-03-26T20:28:48Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Ha! Think I've sussed the syncing problem.. just have to wait and see likes this. yep..

    Freemor at 2015-03-27T00:13:58Z

  • 2015-03-26T11:24:44Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Very strange #AndStatus still does not auto-update the timeline
    That is strange. It works for me, though I have to manually scroll to the top. at 2015-03-26T15:56:48Z

  • Notice: Dianara Git repository moved

    at 2015-03-25T22:24:08Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Due to the upcoming shutdown of the service, caused by the company behind it being acquired by GitLab, I've moved my Git repositories to their proposed service.

    This includes the Git repo for Dianara, which is now located at

    You can update your clone with this command in the dianara-dev directory:

    git remote set-url origin

    ... and then just git pull as usual.

    Translators will probably need an account there for Pull Requests, but I'll be happy to just manually merge translation files sent by e-mail.

    The issue tracker is now here.

    Let me know if you find any issues with this move.

    Cheers! o/

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    time to update my gentoo ebuild

    johan at 2015-03-26T08:17:25Z

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    Wow, just built the latest version.  I have to say that your build instructions were very clear.

    Benjamin Cook at 2015-03-26T17:49:34Z

    >> Benjamin Cook:

    “Wow, just built the latest version. I have to say that your build instructions were very clear.”

    Cool =)

    JanKusanagi at 2015-03-26T17:59:25Z thanks for this, back to pulling and building regularly

    Freemor at 2015-03-27T20:47:07Z

  • 2015-03-25T00:22:51Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Trying AndStatus again hopefully my automatic syncing of the timeline is back.
  • Windows 10 to make the Secure Boot alt-OS lock out a reality

    2015-03-21T20:14:26Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Microsoft is at it again. With the pending release of Windows 10 they are once again angling to get Laptops and Desktops permenantly locked to Windows. 

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  • Is it just me???

    2015-03-09T20:47:06Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    I may have to stop listening to the "Security Now" podcast on First they have a podcast on how it is "technically" feasable to do a secure/safe backdoor in crypto. Yeah, Yeah, they kept mentioning that they were just talking about the math.. but the failed to make the point strongly enough that ANY backdoor in ANY crypto renders it useless. The purpose of Crypto is for me to get a message to other person with the secure knowledge that NO ONE else can read it. Once that fact is not longer true the crypto is useless. Because I'm basically trusting someone that's saying "I wont look.... honest".. Really???

    Then the one I was listening to today they got into the Smart TV listening thing and went on about how it "wasn't a big thing" and that the company "had disclosed it responsibly in their privacy policy" ... who the heck reads the privacy policy on a frickin TV (well o.k. I might... but the average joe.. not likely).. they even dismissedthe possibility that A.) this data is going to be collected by the NSA etal and B.) that the companies in question wont sell it to advertisers. because "hey it's a cool feature and I want it and if you don't then you're a ludite and should go live in a cave".

    Did someone get to these guys? have they just lost the point? Do they fail to understand that a TV sending random bits of conversation (probably unencrypted) over a public network is the exact opposite of Security.. Really??

    Or is it just me?

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    It's not just you

    lostson at 2015-03-09T20:56:57Z

    I've not listened in a while, but seeing this makes me unlikely to return to listening. at 2015-03-10T01:07:06Z

    @Freemor I agree, but we seem to be a pretty small minority. :(

    Kevin Ford at 2015-03-10T03:14:13Z

    Yes, I often get frustrated with other people who know and acknowledge that Skype, Facebook, whatever is totally insecure now but continue to use it. It's like anything that takes more then 3 clicks or requires any work is “too hard” so they just go ahead and take the security/privacy hit.

    Freemor at 2015-03-10T07:08:44Z

  • Cool beans..

    2015-03-09T16:25:21Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Dianara running on my workbench PC doing xforwarding through my server which I'm ssh'd into from the coffee shop. Yep that is multihop X-forwarding

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  • For the minimalist vim fans in the crowd..

    2015-03-09T00:33:19Z via Puma To: Public

    Earlier today I tried #vimb a minimalist webkit based browser with #vim type key bindings and commands. Super easy to build. Small and fast. May replace links2 for some of my browsing needs.

    Definitely worth a look if you are a vim fan.

    "pacman -Ss vimb' = no result on parabola <- unfortunate, but I'll keep my eye on it. /me _is_ looking for a viable firefox keybindings would be a bonus!

    George Standish at 2015-03-09T02:00:30Z

    Hmmm.. they have Archlinux packages for it named vimb and one called vimb-git. Not sure what the difference between then is bit then I'm not an arch/porabola user.

    Freemor at 2015-03-09T11:26:36Z

  • 2015-03-04T19:17:06Z via Dianara To: Public CC: Followers

    Just saw  Thanks to @Jorge

    Yet another thing to bum me out today.. but I do have to say.. Those sysadmins at the NSA certianly know how to scale! with GBHQ and Newzealand doing "full Takes" (probably Canada, austirallia, and the US too (who are we kidding)) That is a mind numbing amount of traffic to sort, direct, process, store., etc. Kudos on their tech skills. To bad they lack any scrupals (Snowden excluded from that scrupals statement). Seriously tho.. if you have a big startup and are having scaling problems.. go poach some NSA talent. Just make sure they aren't backdooring you while they help you scale.

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  • New in F-droid

    2015-03-04T17:05:22Z via Puma To: Public

    I'm really enjoying #Mitzuli from #f-droid today. Finally an offline translator I can use on my mobile device. It took me a minute to figure out the offline mode (pin button beside the translation you want from drop-down list) but once that was sussed I took away it's firewall privileges and can still translate all the non-English folks I follow here on

    Mitzuli (Offline Translator) -

    Soy realmente disfrutando #Mitzuli de #f-droid hoy. Finalmente un traductor off-line puedo utilizar en mi dispositivo móvil. Me tomé un minuto para representar fuera del modo off-line (botón de alfiler junto a la traducción quieres de gota-abajo lista) pero una vez aquello era sussed saqué es firewall privilegios y todavía puede traducir todo el no-inglés folks sigo aquí en

    Mitzuli (Traductor Off-line) -

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    Well, the translation to Spanish you just posted is quite clunky, sadly, but I guess it serves the purpose of understanding others =)

    I wouldn't trust it too much to convey my ideas in other languages though.

    Maybe it works better spa>eng than eng>spa, and maybe it works better with other languages.

    JanKusanagi at 2015-03-04T17:29:04Z

    I figured it might be clunky. For me it lets me get the gist of what people are saying. Also my folksie east coast techie way of talking probably didn't help the translation any. But yes wouldn't trust it is I were trying to instruct someone on the finer points of building a transdimentional temporal engine. Things could go oh so badly wrong with a poor translation. :-)

    Freemor at 2015-03-04T17:52:39Z

  • 2015-03-03T14:40:18Z via Puma To: Public

    Back to Puma for now #AndStatus just screwing up too badly

  • 2015-03-03T13:57:13Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Dropbox exfiltrates data from all files on your Computer?!? Horrifying if true.. We need someone to independently verify this finding. See:

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    if you use free software to access dropbox does this still happen?

    David "Judah's Shadow" Blue at 2015-03-03T20:00:46Z

    I find that ownCLoud works well as a baseline for file sharing. One of the drawbacks, though, is that the desktop client does not offer a direct option to share files.

    Olivier Mehani at 2015-03-03T21:25:54Z

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    Syncthing maybe

    Freemor at 2015-03-04T14:50:10Z

  • trinux at 2015-03-02T23:42:06Z via AndStatus To: Public

    conversations rulezzz ¡el mejor cliente xmpp! y curiosamente para android.

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    Freemor shared this. agreed! I love it and use it daily. Both #OTR and #GPG/PGP support.

    Freemor at 2015-03-02T23:41:56Z

  • 2015-03-02T19:52:45Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Woohoo is back up. Thanks @Evan or whatever other server admins brought it back to the land of the living.

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  • at 2015-03-01T21:05:59Z via AndStatus To: Public

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  • 2015-02-28T22:10:21Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Ok just flushed #AndStatus. Lets hope I get automatic updating back.
  • 2015-02-28T14:45:52Z via AndStatus To: Public

    Very odd... my #AndStatus just up and decided to not auto update anymore. Tried frobbing the setting. No love. Now trying switching my APN on in case it's looking at that for connectivity instead of WIFI (even though there is no way for it to get data via the APN) hmmm.. several commands stuck in the queue.. cleared those out maybe that was the issue.. have to wait and see.

    Freemor at 2015-02-28T14:48:11Z Nope still not updating automatically. Hmmmm.

    Freemor at 2015-02-28T15:44:58Z