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  • Dianara survey

    at 2015-07-19T21:16:50Z

    Hi! I've created a small survey about Dianara, mainly to know which versions people are using.

    There are also a couple of free text questions where you can leave some feedback if you want.

    The survey uses LimeSurvey and is kindly hosted by @Laura Arjona ;)

    Here's the survey in English.

    You can reply to this post directly in addition to the survey (or instead), if you want, and, as always, you can post feature requests and ideas at the issue tracker.


    ¡Hola! He creado una pequeña encuesta sobre Dianara, principalmente para saber que versiones está usando la gente.

    También hay un par de preguntas de texto libre, donde puedes dejar comentarios si lo deseas.

    La encuesta usa LimeSurvey y está amablemente alojada por @Laura Arjona ;)

    Aquí está la encuesta en Español.

    Puedes responder a este mensaje directamente además de a la encuesta (o en su lugar), si quieres, y como siempre, puedes añadir peticiones de nuevas características e ideas en el gestor de incidencias.


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    >> kudlaty:

    “Survey taken. Thanks for this great piece of software!”

    You're welcome, and thanks for taking it ;)

    >> pipolandi:

    “[...] estén ubicadas de manera fija en alguna parte. De modo tal que no sea necesario ir hasta el final para buscar otras noticias.”

    Lo tendre en cuenta. Mientras tanto, y aunque no sea lo mismo, puedes usar control+flecha izquierda y control+flecha derecha para hacer lo mismo que los botones "mas nuevas/mas antiguas".

    Y con F5 haces lo mismo que con el boton "lo mas nuevo".

    JanKusanagi @i at 2015-07-19T22:24:49Z

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    >> JanKusanagi:

    “>> kudlaty:
    “Survey taken. Thanks for this great piece of software!”
    You're welcome, and thanks for taking it ;)

    >> pipolandi:
    “[...] estén ubicadas de manera fija en alguna parte. De modo tal que no sea necesario ir hasta el final para buscar otras noticias.”
    Lo tendre en cuenta. Mientras tanto, y aunque no sea lo mismo, puedes usar control+flecha izquierda y control+flecha derecha para hacer lo mismo que los botones "mas nuevas/mas antiguas".
    Y con F5 haces lo mismo que con el boton "lo mas nuevo".”

    :D, gracias por la información <3

    pipolandi at 2015-07-20T03:41:20Z

    I just filled it out.

    Dianara is cool, and I could only check one box where where do I get the version -- I use the git version *and* the windows version by LuisGF. :-) mostly the git version though (which gets built from the archlinux AUR).

    One feature request I can think of would be the ability to collapse posts. Pumpa does this, and I've found it to be very handy as I read down the timeline to collapse posts as I go.

    Dianara is awesome, though :-)

    jrobb at 2015-07-20T11:05:36Z

    I just filled out the survey. Oh, and @Laura Arjona - what software are you using to do these surveys? I want to run this on my own server, too! I love it!

    EDIT: Oh, LimeSurvey - it's right in the original post. Derp. Thanks!

    Stephen Sekula at 2015-07-20T13:31:54Z

  • Dianara 1.2.2 is out!!

    at 2014-07-31T21:29:58Z

    This was supposed to be another small release, but it took longer than expected. The main new feature is proxy support, but it also comes with a bunch of little fixes and improvements.

    Other interesting changes include case insensitive filters, animated image support in the image viewer, a basic help window and a better initialization process, so Dianara will try to get your profile, contacts and timelines on startup several times, if it fails due to network or server errors.

    Packagers should note that the manpage has been moved to section 1, as suggested in a bug report, which makes more sense.



    Most of the changes since v1.2.1:

    • Proxy configuration support. Password is not stored securely, so if you wish, you can leave it empty and be prompted for it on startup.
    • Animated images are now animated when viewed in the separate image viewer.
    • Filters are now case insensitive, ie. “openfarmgame” matches “OpenFarmGame”.
    • Added a delay before reloading all comments after posting a reply.
    • Enhanced initialization, so Dianara will keep on trying to get all initial data (your profile, etc) if it fails initially.
    • Basic Help window.
    • Configurable “unread post” color.
    • Show To/CC info in the timestamp tooltip of minor feed activities.
    • The Normalize Text Colors option in posts works in most cases now.
    • Link color is no longer specified, so other contacts will see links in the color configured by them.
    • New way to show attachments, including attached images.
    • Better filename suggestions when saving attachments.
    • Option to create bullet lists in the Format menu.
    • More symbols in the Format > Symbols menu.
    • Ask for confirmation when quitting Dianara if a post is being composed.
    • Pressing Enter in title field jumps to message body. Likewise, pressing the Up Arrow at the start of the message jumps to the title field.
    • Better notification of authentication-related errors.
    • Added some more fallback icons, for environments without (good) iconsets.
    • Updated Italian translation, by Metal Biker.
    • Partial updates to Polish translation by Derping Muffins and CyberKiller, and German translation by Emvigo.


    Cheers! \o/

    P.S.- I should note that releasing at the same time as Impeller 0.9.5 was purely coincidental. You know, like they say at the end of most movies =)

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    Woohooo! Thanks Filipe! \o/

    Earlier today I was led to believe that there was a very weird bug in Dianara's post editor, but it turned out to be a problem with copy-pasting weird content from a very specific source. That led us to find a problem in Qt's rich text handling, but at least there's nothing wrong with Dianara xD

    JanKusanagi @i at 2014-08-02T17:41:59Z

    Thanks for this new dianara version!

    Debian package has been uploaded to unstable: https://tracker.debian.org/news/561552

    It will be available during next hours :-)

    Mònica at 2014-08-03T07:38:32Z

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    And we'll get this thrown in Trusty hopefully soon as it backported to my tests PPA from the Utopic Unicorn autolanding okay: https://bugs.launchpad.net/trusty-backports/+bug/1351992

    Stephen Michael Kellat at 2014-08-03T20:23:49Z

  • Testing Dianara v1.2.2 RC...

    at 2014-07-19T19:48:11Z

    I've decided it's almost time for another release, since most of what I wanted for this release is already there, and the changelog is beginning to grow quite long. But first, some wider testing would be awesome =)

    The main new feature is proxy support, but there are lots of smaller details, like a basic help window, animated image support for uploaded images, more options in the Format menu, or the fact that the Normalize text colors option now works much better (people using dark color schemes can take advantage of this one). The full changelog is included with the code.

    If you already have Dianara-dev from git, just git pull.

    If not, you can help testing by cloning from the git repo: https://gitorious.org/dianara =)

    Thanks for testing!

    Cheers! o/

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    ¡Hola Jan!

    Acabo de instalar la RC de Dianara y me pasa que el dichoso error 500 me lo repite todo el tiempo. Según el registro, Dianara crea un bucle de inicialización que genera el aviso periódico y continuo. O sea:

    Some initial data was not received. Restarting initialization.

    Cuenta cancelada at 2014-07-20T10:41:22Z

    >> Manuel Jiménez Friaza:

    “me pasa que el dichoso error 500 me lo repite todo el tiempo.”

    Oh, cierto... no tiene ningun limite para casos (raros) como el tuyo, en el que jamas se conseguiran todos los "datos iniciales". Habra que ponerle algo xD

    Gracias por el aviso!

    JanKusanagi @i at 2014-07-20T12:43:33Z

    >> Manuel Jiménez Friaza:

    “Some initial data was not received. Restarting initialization.”

    He añadido un "failsafe" para casos como el tuyo, para que solo reintente todo el proceso un cierto numero de veces. Ya esta subido el cambio, prueba cuando quieras =)

    JanKusanagi @i at 2014-07-20T16:26:53Z

    >> JanKusanagi:

    “He añadido un "failsafe" para casos como el tuyo, para que solo reintente todo el proceso un cierto numero de veces. Ya esta subido el cambio, prueba cuando quieras =)”

    OK. Gracias, Jan, ¡muaaa!

    Cuenta cancelada at 2014-07-20T17:58:44Z

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  • Testing Plasma 5 with Neon images...

    at 2014-06-24T20:05:27Z

    I'm checking out the latest Plasma 5 image by Project Neon, from here:


    It's a live system on a Celeron 900 netbook, so it's far from ideal, but still... ;)

    Some things are clearly more polished and nicer. Not loving the oh-so-white defaults and the monochrome "symbolic" icons (Breeze), but since it's Plasma, defaults don't worry me much =)

    Also, I'm not sure which defaults come with Plasma Desktop itself, and which defaults come from Project Neon, so who knows...

    Anyway, a few clicks here and there, and I had it back to my beloved Oxygen in several places. As windeco, Plasma and mouse themes I left Breeze, though.

    Overall, nice... but I hope to be able to test it in a better machine soon!

    The screenshot is not very interesting, but there are plenty of screenshots out there ;)

    Thanks to Project Neon for providing these ISO images!

    Oh, btw... if you have some money to spare, consider helping the KDE project with their fundraising for the Randa Meetings, so they can make even more awesome stuff =)

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    It looks awesome... but how does it perform?

    Eugenio M. Vigo at 2014-06-24T20:11:25Z

    >> Eugenio M. Vigo:

    “It looks awesome... but how does it perform?”

    I can't really say. The test machine is a Celeron 900Mhz netbook, and it is a live system from a flash drive, so... not that good, but conditions aren't fair.

    JanKusanagi @i at 2014-06-24T20:13:59Z

  • Douglas Perkins at 2014-02-05T03:49:01Z

    In case anyone has forgotten, you are not supposed to trust spy agencies. The NSA's job is to spy on people. Don't be surprised if they try to spy on you.

    And if you can help it, don't let them. If we can make life difficult for spy agencies trying to do stupid things like domestic spying, maybe, just maybe, they'll remember to focus on targets that actually out to be targeted.

    Also, HTTPS-Everywhere for Firefox on Android was released today. Hooray for SSL!

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    "For other servers, like where there is no or only partial SSL, it does nothing at all."

    ok .. thanks - important clarification!

    what does it do if there is ssl but a self signed or not possible to verify the domain? (but still encrypted) does it make the browser warnings more sensible?

    michaelmd at 2014-02-06T03:06:54Z

    I trust the spy agencies to produce new project code names and logos and put them in slides, sometimes many on one slide. I swear.

    Mike Linksvayer at 2014-02-06T03:09:38Z

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    that is what i was getting at

    why would the NSA bother sniffing packets for billions of yahoo/google/fb/whatever users when they can just get a court order and get the data from those servers?

    ssl has its uses, but its not a magic silver bullet for everything.

    michaelmd at 2014-02-06T06:31:05Z

    oh ok .. thanks for the explanations .. I might have misunderstood the description. if it doesn't prevent a user from seeing something they want to see or prevent a user from finding it then its ok that was the main thing I was worried about. I cannot use ssl here because of the risk of newcomers (and much of the site is public and for use by the general public - so I can't expect them all to be "expert users') and also using ssl would slow down page loads and increase server load - aits slow enough already a lot of the time (need to do something about that out-of-control ram use by php here) an its a site where most of the users post publicly and want their posts to be found by other users. I do want to add some encryption in parts of it (logins, settings, etc and some non-public content) but should not have to encrypt things like theme/design-related stuff and public stuff that does not need it in order to do so ... certainly not at the cost of poor latency and warnings frightening away newcomers. unless there is some way to issue temporary client certificates to allow encryption to be used with less intrusive warnings and allowing mixed content where appropriate so that resources aren't wasted on encrypting theme-related stuff that does not need it!

    michaelmd at 2014-02-07T10:14:59Z

  • Sebas Pedersen at 2014-02-04T22:05:42Z

    Dianara and Pumpa, two pump.io clients, are now available on Parabola GNU/Linux! (pcr repositorie).

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    Spread the Pumpiverse! yeah ;)

    n2t at 2014-02-06T01:13:45Z

  • ACA-500

    Vesalia Computer at 2013-12-04T12:03:50Z

    Coming soon:

    Accelerator card ACA-500 for the #Amiga 500


    68EC000/14 MHz, 2 MB RAM, 2 Compact Flash slots and much more.

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  • /usr/share at 2013-11-02T08:05:38Z


    I am a long time Linux user. I know about it's advantages and flaws as a desktop platform. I like it and am unlikely to switch back to Windows (I tried and failed.)

    But that doesn't mean if I make an argument defending Microsoft (or refuting bad claims in favor of Linux), I'm automatically a MS puppet posting right from Redmond while (censored) Ballmer's (censored).

    Okay? I hate bad arguments, no matter which side they come from.

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    >> /usr/share:

    “I hate bad arguments, no matter which side they come from.”

    That makes perfect sense.

    JanKusanagi @i at 2013-11-02T09:08:17Z

  • /usr/share at 2013-09-12T15:46:30Z

    Just got my OpenPandora in the mail. It's nothing but awesome. The Wi-Fi is a bit weak, though.

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    OpenPandora? The hand held portable video game system?

    Anarchy-X at 2013-09-19T08:43:52Z

  • Dvd Mrsdn at 2013-09-13T05:48:23Z

    So, in the UK, we'd need about six of them ;-)

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  • Anthony Garcia at 2013-08-28T23:35:49Z

    Trying out Pumpa for the first time. This also marks the first time I'm trying a client that isn't the webterface. This is a client after my own heart really. Layout might not be award winning but it does one thing and does it well. Plus, it's nice to finally have markdown. Thanks to 0xAFFE for the installer that prompted me to try it out despite my current Windows restriction.


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  • Michael at 2013-08-28T15:50:13Z

    Pumpio-Import in Friendica

    Currently I'm working at the bidrectional pumpio connector in friendica. The import if items and comments is already working:

    Just compare friendica:

    and pumpio:

    What's missing is likes, dislikes, answering, ...

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    It is also missing cat pictures. Without cat pictures, what kind of Internets are these?

    Ryan Weal at 2013-08-28T16:05:30Z

  • /usr/share at 2013-08-27T17:36:31Z

    Yay! Looks like I managed to order a 1 GHz OpenPandora. There were 15 (this time, plus 15) in stock, and after I finished the purchase, there were only 6 left. Apparently, it should arrive within a week or two -- however, I don't think that's possible with our post service.

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  • idoric at 2013-08-26T11:07:26Z

    Pumpa is a simple pump.io client written in C++ and Qt, and licensed under the GNU GPL 3.0 (or later).


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  • Michael at 2013-08-22T06:24:48Z

    Lust auf ein neues Social Network? :)

    PRSM - The Sharing Network

    PRSM: Introducing a new way to share everything. Nothing to hide, nothing to lose. Sign up - it's free.

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  • /usr/share at 2013-08-22T14:22:04Z

    Apparently, my CC0 art was used in a real game.

    Life Of Pixel, a PS Vita platforming game that runs the player through levels inspired by different console and home computer games, has a few NES-style levels based on my OpenGameArt submissions. From the screenshots on the page, the level "Shinoobi-Doobi" uses my city set -- along with the layout, while "Haunted Mansion" uses the castle set as the background.

    BrightRetro seem to have participated in creating pixel art for the game -- and to be fair, they are also uploading some awesome stuff onto OGA themselves, distributing it under CC-BY.

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  • Nathan Smith at 2013-08-20T13:00:00Z

    I just grokked what "groklaw" means.

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  • JanKusanagi @i at 2013-08-18T21:29:51Z

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    That depends on their schedule/process/workload, etc, but I guess it won't take long.

    JanKusanagi @i at 2013-08-22T12:39:05Z

    Dianara 0.9 in Debian: done!

    Mònica at 2013-08-24T16:52:09Z


    1.0 already has several nice things, btw ;)

    JanKusanagi @i at 2013-08-24T19:42:00Z

  • JanKusanagi @i at 2013-08-14T16:43:49Z

    KDE Announces Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Platform 4.11

    KDE is delighted to announce its latest set of releases, providing major updates to KDE Plasma Workspaces, KDE Applications, and the KDE Platform. Version 4.11.0 provides many new features, along with improved stability and performance. Find out more about 4.11's improvements in our visual feature guide.



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    ¡Bien! Nuevas mejoras, me alegro. Personalmente no me gusta KDE, pero bueno, sé que avanza y me alegro. Prefiero Gnome :)

    CUENTA NO ACTIVA at 2013-08-14T19:08:39Z

    En su ArchLinux habitual en ya mismo :D (testing)

    Rebel Jedi at 2013-08-14T20:38:38Z

  • Andy C at 2013-08-14T16:07:26Z

    I've been married for > 20 years. Mainly to my wife. In all that time, I have watched football. She knows that a football match lasts 2 hours (give or take).

    She knows that when attending a 3pm kickoff in London 10 miles away, you must leave the house at 10;15 in the morning.

    So, why when I returned promptly at 10pm on Monday night from a 19:45 evening kickoff, did she ask - 'You've been a while. What else was on ?'

    I replied - 'Oh there was a Red Arrows flypast, some horse jumping followed by an exhibition of Kick Boxing, a guest appearance by Pippa Middleton and after the match had finished, the players gave out awards to the fans with the loudest singing and the funniest chants'.

    She said 'Well there's no need to be silly'.

    'Well - you started it'.

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    Whenever I have to go to the office (a rare event indeed) it takes about 2.5 hours to drive home. It always takes that long, because I have a car, not a teleportation device. Nonetheless, at exactly 1.5 hours into the journey, each and every time, I will get a phone call which goes "where are you?" .... "near clitheroe (watch your smut filter)"  ... "oh - you've been ages, why's it taking so long?"

    ciarang at 2013-08-14T17:03:40Z

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