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  • Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-04-20T18:44:23Z

    @Kevin Everets MediaGoblin is nearly packaged in Guix in every way except the damn Javascript dependencies. Before ActivityPub pulled me in full time I nearly had that out the door.

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    Diane Trout at 2017-04-20T19:12:00Z

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  • Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-04-20T18:45:01Z

    And it's totally fair, I don't take it as a mean statement.

    (Also rms came up to me at LibrePlanet this year and expressed the urgency of getting MediaGoblin packaged in Debian.)

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  • Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-04-20T18:46:14Z

    Also probably the way I'll deal with the javascript dependencies is by tearing out all of them (except for, optionally, VideoJS).

    It's easy enough to write all your Javascript code in Vanilla JS these days, which wasn't true back when we started MediaGoblin.

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  • Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-04-15T19:59:35Z

    @Alex Jordan seems to be actively developing

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  • sazius at 2017-04-11T17:27:09Z

    I'm just balking at the configuration burden... installing anything in Emacs usually requires a lot of configuration and fiddling :-)

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  • Hubert Figuière at 2017-03-06T13:03:54Z

    And yes the danger is that regulation force closed software because it will be written by lobbyist and people that have absolutely no understanding. See the various "right to repair".  This has already been done in the past where in the US, the EPA mandated that software controlling engines be closed to avoid tempering.... (thus breaking the monopoly of emission cheating)

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  • Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-01-27T17:39:17Z

    Tonight I'm making homemade chicago style pizza inside a cast iron skillet for guests. Gonna be awesome.

    I was telling a friend how to do it. It's surprisingly easy:

    (11:31:24 AM) Me: okay
    (11:31:38 AM) Me: so, make pizza dough. It's easiest if you have a food processor
    (11:32:08 AM) Me: you put flour, yeast, salt into food processor and turn it on, pour in enough water that it starts to turn to the right consistency
    (11:32:14 AM) Me: the food processor will knead the dough for you
    (11:32:23 AM) Me: so then you've got your dough
    (11:33:03 AM) Me: now take your cast iron skillet, give it a quick wipe down with a paper towel, then pour some oil in it and grease it by rubbing another paper towel over it
    (11:33:18 AM) Me: put the dough in there and shape it to fit the bottom of the pan, and up along the sides
    (11:33:33 AM) Me: heat up the oven high, like 525 F if you can
    (11:33:46 AM) Me: put it in for five minutes after preheating to let the dough bake a bit on all sides
    (11:34:19 AM) Me: then take it out, put in cheese, then some sauce, then toppings, then more sauce maybe mixed with a bit more cheese, until it's as high as you want it
    (11:34:25 AM) Me: put it back in and bake for 15 mins
    (11:34:40 AM) Me: take it out and whammo, chicago style pizza
    (11:34:49 AM) Me: just use a knife to cut it straight inside the pan
    (11:34:58 AM) Me: the cast iron can take it

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    It's easy to make vegan too, if you make a "ricotta" out of tofu. Thoroughly wash your hands, and then squish the tofu between your fingers and doing that until it's basically ricotta texture. Add salt, nutritional yeast (NOT bakers yeast), oregano, and basil. Use that instead of normal cheese.

    It'll be ricotta-like. If you want something cheesier that's still vegan, I recommend Daiya as a faux-cheese brand.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-01-27T17:51:08Z

    All-purpose white flour? Or do you think some bread flour or whole wheat would be better in there? And about how much flour do you use, and about how big is your skillet? I'm thinking maybe a cup of flour for a kind of standard-sized cast-iron pan?

    Sumana Harihareswara [on Mastodon] at 2017-01-31T15:23:38Z

    @Sumana Harihareswara I accidentally used way too much flour so I'm not really sure what the right amount would be. For my 10 inch skillet, I'd probably try two cups total of flour next time. But anyway, I used the ratio of 3/4 cup all purpose flour + 1/4 cornmeal + 1 tbsp olive oil + 1 tsp salt. Use that as your baseline, then multiply as needed to fit the pan.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2017-01-31T15:26:10Z

  • Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2016-12-14T21:46:44Z

    So, it wasn't a true refactor then, as you didn't emulate all previous behavior. ;-)

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  • Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-11-17T14:49:02Z

    I've done such a switch. I used Guix as a userspace package manager on top of Debian first, then I switched to GuixSD + Debian dual booting, and now I'm on GuixSD only.

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  • Freemor at 2016-08-14T19:35:38Z

    Non free software.. No thanks

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  • Where I stand...

    Freemor at 2016-07-15T12:20:43Z

    I will not be moved to hatred by media and politicians seeking to use tragedy to gain power.

    Instead I will hold fast to my love of my fellow human beings and my knowledge that the vast majority are peaceful.

    I wil not be goaded to anger by those hoping to exploit the unclear thinking that lives there.

    Instead I will hold and extend compassion to my fellow human beings,

    Compassion for the victims, but also, and much more challenging,

    Compassion for the pain, and hopelessness that the perpetrator must have been in to commit such an act.

    I will not be made to fear, by hanious acts, or those that seek to exploit peoples reactions to such acts.

    Because I know the world is mostly safe,

    Because I know that all sane people wish peace and stability

    Because I know that the sane far far outnumber the troubled.

    And because I know that love and compassion are far more potent salves for human problems then anger and fear.

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  • Freemor at 2016-07-08T17:41:49Z

    Considering Facebook which is part of the Prism system still sees all the who talked to who for how long data

    and that It's tied to phone #'s and thus totally non-anonymous,

    and that authentication is optional and not well indicated

    and that data is storred unencrypted and then backed up to the cloud

    and that the client is closed source so could easily be instructed to silently drop encryption and know one would know...

    It's really kinda hard to call it "secure". or even "better then plain text"

    So for me not secure, and not verifiable (closed source).

    A false sense of security is worse then no secuirty at all.

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  • Evan Prodromou at 2016-04-18T13:13:17Z

    The only two entities that have ever "won the Internet" are Jon Postel and the NSA.

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  • Freemor at 2016-04-05T06:51:22Z

    >> Benjamin Cook:

    “[...] [...]”

    Yep, Yet another case of "He who controls the server controls the device". I hope the general public wakes up to this and stops buying things they have no way of exercising control over., Elena ``of Valhalla'', Kevin Everets likes this.

  • Jason Self at 2015-12-21T16:11:09Z

    For this holiday season I wish for universal software freedom for all.

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  • GuixSD on the Minifree x200

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2015-12-21T15:06:50Z

    Just installed GuixSD on the Minifree x200. It's running really nicely. I'm surprised at this point that most of the things I want are here.

    Installing GuixSD mostly means booting up a live usb key, partitioning your drive, copying and modifying a scheme file that describes your system, and then splatting it to disk. That worked pretty well, I made few adjustments. Once it ran I was surprised at how easy it was. I've now joined Aeva and Tsyesika in GuixSD land. For me, it'll be on my primary machine.

    Most of it was fairly smooth (I mean, assuming you're comfortable with this kind of command line install) though I hit some bumps; how to get an encrypted setup was not clearly documented. What I really want is an encrypted LVM so even swap is encrypted, but LVM is not suported yet in Guix. I next tried an encrypted root including home, but this turned out to be difficult because Guix does not copy its initrd and bzImage stuff to /boot, it loads it from /gnu/store/, so this means that you have to decrypt the root partition from Grub itself, which is annoying and not supported by the out-of-the-box Grub config writer.

    However, doing an encrypted /home/ with an unencrypted root is relatively easy. You can just describe the "mapped device" in a Guix system config which makes that all easy. I'll post my config as an example.

    So now I have an encrypted /home/ but an unencrypted root partition, but it's okay, because I left a 30GB slot open on the hard drive for a Debian root as well.

    My goal is to use Debian as a fallback while I get the rest of the pieces I need in place. Hopefully by the time encrypted lvm support comes to Guix, I won't need it, and I can reformat then.

    Really enjoying this experience so far!

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    Oh yeah, and all the drivers just worked out of the box. I didn't have to do anything. That's where liberated(??) hardware and fully free systems go hand in hand I guess.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2015-12-21T15:09:09Z

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Happy to have you in GuixSD land.

    David Thompson at 2015-12-21T16:56:09Z

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  • Evan Prodromou at 2015-12-16T15:05:34Z

    The main reason I don't like Star Wars is that they have human-equivalent artificial intelligences and they are all slaves. #freebb8

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    Christopher Allan Webber, Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) shared this. Whereas I would argue that the lesson from the prequels is that R2D2 CLEARLY goes on to manipulate the events of "A New Hope".

    Stephen Sekula at 2015-12-16T15:36:31Z

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    NO! I am Spartacathreepio!

    Splicer at 2015-12-16T19:22:38Z

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  • Fighting For Social Justice Is a Major Contribution to Society

    Bradley M. Kuhn at 2015-12-03T03:35:07Z


    I have something to say that I'm sure everyone is going to consider controversial. I've been meaning to say it for some time, and I realize that it's going to get some annoyance from all sides of this debate. Conservancy may lose Supporters over this, even though this is my personal blog and my personal opinion, and views expressed here aren't necessarily Conservancy's views. I've actually been meaning to write this publicly for a year. I just have to say it now, because there's yet another event on this issue caused yet another a war of words in our community.

    If you follow the types of Free Software politics and issues that I do (which you probably do if you read my blog) you have heard the phrase — which has become globally common in general politics — “Social Justice Warrior”, often abbreviated SJW. As anyone who reads my blog probably already knows, SJW is used as a derogatory catch-all phrase referring to anyone who speaks up to on any cause, but particularly on racial or gender inequality. While the derogatory part seems superficially to refer to tactics rather than strategic positions, nevertheless many critics who use the phrase conflate (either purposely or not) some specific, poorly-chosen tactic (perhaps from long ago) of the few with the strategic goals of an entire movement.

    Anyway, my argument in this post, which is why I expect it to annoy everyone equally, is not about some specific issue in any cause, but on a meta-issue. The meta-issue is the term “SJW” itself. The first time I heard the phrase (which, given my age, feels recent, even though it was probably four years ago), I actually thought it was something good; I first thought that SJW was a compliment. In fact, I've more-or-less spent my entire adult life wanting to be a social justice warrior, although I typically called it being a “social justice activist”.

    First of all, I believe deeply in social justice causes. I care about equality, fairness, and justice for everyone. I believe software freedom is a social justice cause, and I personally have proudly called software freedom a social justice cause for more than a decade.

    Second, I also believe in the zealous pursuit of causes that matter. I've believed fully and completely in non-violence since the mid-1980s, but I nevertheless believe there is a constant war of words in the politics surrounding any cause or issue, including software freedom. I am, therefore — for lack of a better word — a warrior, in those politics.

    So, when I look at the three words on their face: Social. Justice. Warrior. Well, denotively, it describes my lifelong work exactly.

    Connotatively, a warped and twisted manipulation of words has occurred. Those who want to discredit the validity that various social justice causes have bestowed a negative connotation on the phrase to create a social environment that makes anyone who wants to speak out about a cause automatically wrong and easily branded.

    I've suggested to various colleagues privately over the last two years that we should coopt the phrase back to mean something good. Most have said that's a waste of time and beside the point. I still wonder whether they're right.

    By communicating an idea that these social justice people are fighting against me and oppressing me, the messenger accusing a so-called SJW has a politically powerful, well-coopted message, carefully constructed for concision and confirmation bias. While I don't believe all that cooptive and manipulative power is wielded solely in the one three-word phrase, I do believe that the rhetorical trick that allows “SJW” to have a negative connotation is the same rhetorical power that has for centuries allowed the incumbent power structures to keep their control of those many social institutions that are governed chiefly by rhetoric.

    And this is precisely why I just had to finally post something about this. I won a cultural power jackpot, merely by being born a middle-class Caucasian boy in the USA. Having faced some adversity in my life despite that luck, and then seeing how easy I had it compared to the adversity that others have faced, I become furious at how the existing power structures can brand people with — let's call it what is — a sophisticated form of name-calling that coopts a phrase like “social justice”, which until that time had a history of describing some of the greatest, most selfless, and most important acts of human history.

    Yes, I know there are bigger issues at stake than just the words people use. But words matter. No matter how many people use the phrase negatively, I continue to strive to be a social justice warrior. I believe that's a good thing, in the tradition of all those who have fought for a cause they believed was right, even when it wasn't popular.

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    Beta white knight checking in, apparently you can't be an SJW if you are a straight, cis, white, non-Muslim male. You're just deluded because you want to get laid.

    Dylan at 2015-12-04T13:22:50Z

    @mray, I supposed I'd like it if everybody was, in fact, Kuhn-fu-fighting, but I admit I'm biased. Also, that would be a little bit frightening, wouldn't it?

    I'm actually glad some of you haven't heard of SJW; it means that the politics of internet troll attacks are not as widespread as they seem.

    And, to @Dylan, it shows the example that mentioning the phrase brings trolls from the woodwork. For the record, I'm happily accepted by others who have been "accused" of SJW-ness. :)

    Bradley M. Kuhn at 2015-12-04T19:18:56Z

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    It had not occurred to me before, but the pejorative aspect of 'SJW' might be somewhat amplified by the (most likely unintentional) reference to the 'Warrior of the Light' stuff from Paulo Coelho (which I've only ever read excerpts of but, having tried to go through The Alchemist once, they were enough).

    More to the point, my guess is that its effectiveness mainly stems from the use of 'warrior' as the defining feature of an individual (almost elevated to a profession). I.e. implying the person is someone who fights because... it's what they do.

    Simultaneously, to some it may evoke the image of the romantic (here refering to the chivalric ideals) knight and the associated naivety world view and crudeness of method. Possibly further reinforced by the ineffectiveness of action at the knight-level to further causes of social justice.

    All in all it seems a subtle and well-thought out invention. With hindsight, I can see why it would catch on and I'm not sure I'd want to reclaim it. Though if it becomes dominant, then it /has/ to be reclaimed one way or the other. Hopefully we're not there yet and some better term can be pushed in its place :)

    Apry at 2015-12-04T20:57:17Z