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    "Because blockchain is consensual, after a certain point of centralization, the rules of the system depend on very few users. For example, the bitcoin “update” would be unviable if the two more Chinese mining organizations had refused to implement it. A network of nodes designed this way has a power structure with clear centralizers—the owners of infrastructure—that in the end presents a threat to the distributed future of the Internet."

    #^The blockchain is a threat to the distributed future of the Internet


    The blockchain will be very useful for registering large corporate capital markets and making cross-border banking transactions, but as a system for the development of everyday applications on the Internet, it’s a danger to the distributed structure of the network.

    In effect, this particular distributed technology will essentially be beholden to relatively few actors - the few that can financially afford to run their own blockchains and hold a mass of data. Trying to depend on it as an end user unfortunately creates more problems than it solves.
    No doubt it'll be great for businesses and the finance industry. But for user-facing distributed communication systems, it will be next to worthless.

    Discovered via @Bob Mottram

    #blockchain #distributed

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    I agree that the bitcoin style blockchain is vulnerable to this. However, to say that it's because of "consensus" is wrong; there's a spectrum of consensus resolution methods, and bitcoin's method is just one.

    For example, Stellar's consensus protocol provides a path out of trusting actors who become untrustworthy while still providing a general consensus system.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-05-24T19:40:09Z

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    That's all very well and good, but the larger problem with blockchains is that they're relatively heavy in terms of memory size. The article lists an example about Twister that is very compelling, in the sense that in order to use Twister, one has to download the entire blockchain to local memory first.

    In a sense, this is a very real limitation of leveraging the power of the blockchain to end users - if anything, only entities that could afford dedicated resources would be able to do anything with it. This is all very well for treating the blockchain as a banking ledger, which might inevitably happen, but for distributed communication networks that have any level of activity on them, this could actually end up causing more harm than good.

    Sean Tilley at 2016-05-24T20:46:18Z

    Take a look at SAFE,, which doesn't even have a proper blockchain and thereby sacrifices transparency and verifiability for performance, and the reason is exactly that they want to build not primarily a financial system, but "user-facing distributed communication systems".

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2016-05-25T06:35:23Z

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    Sean Tilley updated his profile photo


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    @Krita Open Source Digital Painting App has a #Kickstarter campaign - as of this writing, there are 19 days left to go!

    Krita is hands-down one of my favorite art applications, and it is getting more powerful all of the time. It is already becoming a strong contender against the likes of PhotoShop and other parts of the Adobe Creative Suite.

     Krita 2016: Let's Make Text and Vector Art Awesome!


    #Krita is a FREE award-winning open source digital painting application. Dedicated to creating comics, illustrations, concept art, matte paintings: all kinds of 2D image creation!

    Last year, with the help of all our Kickstarter backers, we added Instant Preview and Animation Support. We updated the codebase to a new version of Qt to make Krita more future-proof. We started work on making OS X a first-class supported platform, too. We made additional improvements all over the board, from the layers panel to the shortcut configuration, from easily installable binaries for Krita to a greatly improved user manual. And those are just the highlights of eleven almost monthly releases!

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    switching to Krita

    Kete Foy at 2016-05-20T12:21:42Z

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    The people I know make life worth living.

    Tom Petty - A Face In The Crowd
    by TomPettyVEVO on YouTube

    #TomPetty #NowListening
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    This looks so amazing - if you enjoyed The Incredible Machine series from the 90's, this game is the spiritual successor developed by the original Incredible Machine devs. They also have a native #Linux version!

    Contraption Maker Launch Trailer
    by SpotkinGames on YouTube

    #ContraptionMaker #IncredibleMachine

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    This is actually very sad to hear - we worked with PeachyPrinter; they're a great company with a terrific product.

    Peachy Printer Collapses, Investor Built a House Instead of a Printer


    The Peachy Printer, originally a crowdfunding campaign for a $100 stereolithography 3D printer, is now dead in the water.[Rylan Grayston], the creator of the Peachy Printer, announced that [David Boe] — investor, 50% owner of Peachy Printer, and business partner — had stolen over $300,000 in Kickstarter campaign funds. According to [Rylan], this money was used to build a house.

    #crowdfunding #3dprinting #embezzlement
    Crowdfunding seems very attractive for criminals like this.  What's the difference between an outright fraudulent project and one that just runs out of money?

    Benjamin Cook at 2016-05-12T01:40:11Z

    Well, in this case at least there is the rest of the team who actually worked on the project (and published at least the software parts as they went, so there is publicly available proof that some work had been done).

    Nowadays kickstarter requires that for the crowdfunding of such devices there is already a working prototype, so the people involved are supposed to have already invested quite some money (and time), making running away with the kickstarter money less attractive. of course this doesn't prevent failures like this one, when just one part of the team means steal the money. I don't even know how much kickstarter checks that this prototype actually exists and works, other than through the images/videos posted on the project page.

    Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2016-05-13T12:06:43Z

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    Yuri Gagarin was only 27 when he became the first human ever to venture into space.

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    Random thoughts about making a Free Software adventure game

    I've been wanting to get back into game development as a hobby for a while - I used to do it years ago, but can no longer rely on Adventure Game Studio as a tool, due to the editor being windows-only with little chance of a port happening anytime soon.

    No One Likes You, an unfinished game that I lost the data to years ago.

    I have been looking at the Godot game engine, which is Free Software and has many powerful capabilities for 2D games. I've played a number of game demos with it, and I believe that it could be just the system I need. It's very different from what I'm used to, and will take a long period of practicing tutorials and building stupid demo games before I start making any real progress anywhere.

    I really, deeply, truly love adventure games in the style of the #Sierra titles that I played as a kid - these include King's Quest, Space Quest, and most notably, Quest for Glory. I have spent a lot of time attempting to better approximate the visual styles and the type of gameplay that these older titles used to offer.

    I recently had an idea about implementing different cursor modes in a Godot engine. Although I know very little of how Godot's internal code system works, I believe that I could effectively create different interaction cursors by declaring global variables. Something like:

    def cursorMode {
    cursorMode() = c

    function cycleCursor() {
      if cursorMode(c) = 0 & RightClick {
      setCursorMode(c) + 1

    else if cursorMode(c) > 5 & RightClick {
      setCursorMode(c) = 0

    Mind you, I've never been a particularly great coder, so there are probably some conventions that I am missing here in one form or another.

    The main idea is that you have cursor modes 0-5, which covers Walking, Looking, Interacting, Talking, and Inventory. If a player right clicks on the final cursor mode, the mode variable is reset to the first one.

    You could then define interactions with objects in their relative scripts, such as this:

    // Rock
    object Rock {

    if cursorMode(c) = 1 {
      display("You see a rock.");

    if cursorMode(c) = 2 {
      display("You touch the smooth, cold surface of the rock.");

    Obviously, I will need to crack open some books to better understand the semantics, especially in relation to #Godot syntax, but I would be very interested in figuring out how to put these fundamental building blocks together.

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    You might be interested in the multiplayer interactive fiction / MUD system I'm working on for the Lisp Game Jam.

    Christopher Allan Webber at 2016-05-09T22:14:18Z

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    If anything, it might give me some good practice in putting some game logic together. I tend to bite off more than I can chew with far more complex titles.

    Maybe I can finally get around to mapping There Is No Outside into an RPG format. I was originally trying to write a series of short stories revolving around the concept, but perhaps a game format would make world-building much easier.

    Sean Tilley at 2016-05-09T22:37:42Z

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    What's new with you?
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    Je Ne Regrette Rien

    From the #AbHuman Collection.


    #cc-by-sa #mywork
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    If you use cloud computing to process information about flatulence, are you making a fart cloud?

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    The future of food is at my door. #soylent


    Somebody was circulating their stuff at AdAstra35 up here in Ontario ...

    B. Ross Ashley at 2016-05-05T03:29:34Z

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    I had a dream last night that I moved to New Zealand, to live in a house that was ridiculously skinny and ridiculously tall. I got all excited about living there, and then I woke up.

    Also, I kissed a random stranger.

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    This makes me want to puke. Fuck your individual liberty, we're going to invade your personal space so hard by letting the state into your pants, and if you don't match up to what the state wants, we'll imprison you for it. Yaaay fascism!

    #^Alabama City Approves Ordinance Imprisoning Trans People Who Use Public Bathrooms


    The Oxford, Alabama, city council unanimously approved an ordinance on Tuesday that bars trans people from using any public bathroom that doesn’t match the sex indicated on their birth certificate. Because changing one’s birth certificate is difficult in many states (including Alabama) and impossible in others, the measure effectively proscribes trans people in Oxford from using any bathroom outside of their house. Trans people who violate the ordinance may be imprisoned for up to six months.

    #transgender #lgbt #fascism #liberty

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    >> Sean Tilley:

    “[...] the measure effectively proscribes trans people in Oxford from using any bathroom outside of their house [...]”

    That isn't really true, though. They must use the designated bathroom for their sex, just like everyone else.

    Benjamin Cook at 2016-04-28T23:56:57Z Sounds like civil disobedience time. Time for everyone in the area that supports Trans rights to remove all gender designations from all bathrooms.. And keep doing it till the bonehead bigots get the message.

    Freemor at 2016-04-29T00:08:52Z

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    >> Benjamin Cook:
    That isn't really true, though. They must use the designated bathroom for their sex, just like everyone else.”

    Which means that you're going to have extremely female looking people risking harassment in men's bathrooms and extremely male looking people making everybody else unconfortable in women's bathrooms?

    That doesn't look like a good outcome for anybody.

    (And probably also a risk of harassment in women's bathrooms and unconfortableness men's bathrooms, but I believe the other way around is going to happen more often)

    Elena ``of Valhalla'' at 2016-04-29T11:37:16Z

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    As a side effect, there are going to be lots of false positives. Men are not always hyper-masculine, and women are not always hyper-feminine. Have fun trying to guess what someone's birth gender is based on how they look!

    Sean Tilley at 2016-04-29T22:42:42Z

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    I may have fallen hopelessly in love with #Gnome.



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    Have you tried the GNOME Maps 3.20 integration with OpenStreetMaps? It is awesome.

    j1mc at 2016-04-23T01:22:08Z

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    My laptop gets so slow sometimes that it feels like I'm dragging an ant through a vat of molasses. :'(

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    My friend: "#Marx was right! #Capitalism is a poison to all of humanity!"
    Same friend: *gushes endlessly about all #Marvel films and shows*

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    That's consistent. Does your friend realize they are poisoned?

    Mike Linksvayer at 2016-04-20T19:46:41Z

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    The Lizard People are up to no good today...

    #HillaryClinton #BillClinton



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    First bit of writing I've been able to get done in a while.

    #^Less than Zero, More than One — Anti fiction


    You started from the position of being a bunch of cells to being a living, breathing person, born into a family that has a history of its own problems and tragedies, and raised to follow whatever beliefs your parents and family instilled upon you. Your brain then goes through a feedback loop as it tries to build a worldview for itself, scrambling to put pieces together from experiences, anecdotes, and surroundings.

    #writing #rant #mywork #ccbysa