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    This reminds me so much of the soundtrack to Cowboy Bebop. #ToddTerje #NowListening

    TODD TERJE - Alfonso Muskedunder
    by Todd Terje on YouTube

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    Turning the page

    In about a week, I will be stepping onto a plane to begin a new chapter in my life. It's pretty surreal to think about - to be frank, I never thought that I would get to this point.

    I am finally in the process of moving to San Francisco. This is five years after I started working for a little startup company in the SF Bay Area, a Mission Street company of people trying to hack together a social network on their own terms. That I even became employed there is an utter fluke, and is the fulfillment of a juvenile dream of mine.

    Things have changed. Their focus has shifted, and over the last three years, we have worked together to help nearly 2,000 crowdfunding campaigns from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. I was their first hire at this new venture, and have grown into a role where I get to solve hard problems every day. I have acted as a remote worker in all that time, from my dining table in #Peoria.

    Part of me is beyond excited. Part of me is terrified. Part of me is very, very sad. I wish that I could take the people involved in my life and take them all with me. Life doesn't work like that, though.

    In taking this next big step, I am leaving behind everything I've ever known and loved. I am saying goodbye to my closest friends, who have had a massive impact on how I live my life. I am saying goodbye to my family, who I already only see every once in a while. I am saying goodbye to a town that I am comfortable in, and I am saying goodbye to someone who I am madly, passionately in love with (and always will be).

    I've cried a lot about this, because it's painful. In fact, I'm still crying right now. But this move is something that I have to do for myself. You can't finish a good book if you never proceed beyond a comfortable chapter. Otherwise, there's not much of a story.

    To everyone who has been present and close in my life - thank you for being here for me. Thank you for opening up and sharing so many beautiful things about who you are and what you care about. You have given me so much drive to keep living, even at the points where I felt like I didn't want to anymore.


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    It's been great watching you grow over the years. Hopefully, you'll grow even more through the challenges you're taking on with this relocation. at 2016-08-16T01:21:14Z

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    I have family and friends out there, hope you find an affordable place to kip.

    B. Ross Ashley at 2016-08-16T01:44:41Z

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    Yeah, best of luck. Seriously :)

    Alex Jordan at 2016-08-16T03:39:37Z

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    Good luck, and be patient. Re-creating 'home' in a new place takes time, but it can be done with friends that help (in the old and new place).

    Laura Arjona at 2016-08-16T13:36:08Z

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    Idea for a #RenPy-based game: you work in a call center for secret paramilitary operatives like Solid Snake. It's your job to gather and assess information for the operative so that he doesn't get himself killed in action.
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    You can cover a lot of people with a blanket statement, but it won't make anybody warmer.

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    Hanging out in Indiana with the #BackerKit team. We're getting ready to set everything up for #GenCon 2016!

    Thomas from Team BK, playing Pokemon Blue on his PocketCHIP.

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    I know some people probably don't like Chelsea Manning for her involvement in leaking classified information, but punishing someone with indefinite solitary confinement for an attempted suicide is about as inhumane as our prison system can get. It's bad enough that the prison system refuses to recognize her gender transition, and is all too happy to put her alongside male inmates without any consideration for personal safety.

    This situation just sounds hellish all around. You may think that this is a justified way to treat a prisoner, but frankly nobody deserves this.

    #^Chelsea Manning Faces New Charges, Indefinite Solitary Confinement Related to Suicide Attempt


    LEAVENWORTH, Kan. — Imprisoned whistleblower Chelsea Manning received a document from Army officials today informing her that she is being investigated for serious new charges related to her July 5th attempt to take her own life. If convicted of these “administrative offenses,” she could be placed in indefinite solitary confinement for the remainder of her decades-long sentence.

    #ChelseaManning #prison #transgender

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    The alleged "reasoning" behind this is so outrageous!

    Bd Sn at 2016-08-01T17:48:58Z

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    When a system cannot admit fault in taking a person's life (despite a vast body of evidence), then the people must stand up to denounce it.

    #^Is California preparing to execute an innocent man?


    Kevin Cooper was sentenced to death in 1985 for the brutal slaying of  Douglas and Peggy Ryen, their 10-year-old daughter Jessica, and 10-year-old Chris Hughes in Los Angeles.

    Petition here: #^


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    New Experimental Theme - Bookish


    I've been wanting to make something like this for a while. Bookish is a variation of the #Hubzilla layout that makes use of only 2 regions instead of 3. The goal is to emphasize long-form content as well as a more blog-like layout.

    It's still pretty experimental, and I'm still playing with it. I'm thinking of allowing color customization for the main color highlights, and I'd like to investigate the best way to set the Cover Photo widget just above the profile tabs. I'm pretty happy with where things are going, though.



    Check it out at: #^
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    Tom Waits - Drunk on the Moon
    by Sapir Yakov on YouTube

    Tight-slacked clad girls on the graveyard shift
    'Neath the cement stroll
    Catch the midnight drift
    Cigar chewing charlie
    In that newspaper nest
    grifting hot horse tips
    On who's running the best

    I've been getting into #TomWaits a bit more, and I've been really enjoying both his earlier and later music. His voice is much less rough here, and sounds like a slanted, edgier version of Frank Sinatra or Harry Connick Jr.

    And I'm blinded by the neon
    Don't try and change my tune
    'Cause I thought I heard a saxophone
    I'm drunk on the moon

    I'm particularly impressed by his hooks, which sometimes shifts the music in a strangely pleasant way.
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    The new #Jamendo looks ridiculously nice. I'm going to use it for a while for the sake of #CreativeCommons music discovery.


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    Drawback is you can no longer search by license. For me, that's a show-stopper.

    Douglas Perkins at 2016-07-14T04:27:41Z

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    Where is the Anarchist Vegan Free-Software Creative Commons Cooperative that I can run away to?

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  • 2016-06-30T17:38:28Z via To: Public

    We Distribute now has a wiki!

    Although it is merely a humble beginning, I am very excited to be building out a wiki for @We Distribute . #Hubzilla ships with a ligthweight integrated wiki feature now, and I hope to use it to the fullest. I may also be interested in opening up the wiki for collaboration editing at some point, though you will need to use Hubzilla to do so.

    Thanks to @Andrew Manning for developing this amazing feature, and for putting up with my many questions involving getting the thing to work. :)

    You can see a small (very incomplete) preview of what's to come here: #^We Distribute - The Federation Wiki

    #decentralization #federation
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    This is true horror.


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    totally running my plates

    Kete Foy at 2016-06-18T23:05:07Z

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    "If organized religion is the opium of the masses, then disorganized religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe." - Robert Anton Wilson


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    Hooray, is back!

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    Good luck with understanding anything.

    Started working on this guy again. I've been procrastinating for a while because the overall piece is very complex, and requires many different layers. On the bright side, #Krita is an amazing app for drawing with a pen tablet, and has allowed me to develop an entirely new coloring technique all on my own.

    I may offer prints on this one, it has a much higher resolution and level of detail over previous works.


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    This is fucking hysterical. #MongoDB

    Episode 1 - Mongo DB Is Web Scale
    by gar1t on YouTube

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    I had used the Teletubbies....big HUGH!! :-)

    gledof at 2016-06-04T18:41:44Z

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    Just got this bad boy in the mail. #MythicLegions #Kickstarter


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    Oh, Todd Terje, what have you done to me?! I've got 800 names in my rolodex, and they're all yours.

    Delorean Dynamite
    by Todd Terje - Topic on YouTube

    #ToddTerje #NowListening
    Terjerine dreams...

    lfam at 2016-06-02T02:49:44Z

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    This dude is a piece of shit and has no place in being any kind of spiritual leader.

    #^James Dobson: Kill Transgender People Using Public Bathrooms


    Evangelist James Dobson says transgender people using public bathrooms should be shot.

    In an anti-Obama rant the Focus on the Family founder said that transgender people using public restrooms should be shot. Writing for World Net Daily Dobson complained about President Obama’s order to “every public school in America to open all its bathroom facilities including those that are in use by a member of the opposite sex.” Dobson wrote:

    Would you remain passive after knowing that a strange-looking man, dressed like a woman, has been peering over toilet cubicles to watch your wife in a private moment? What should be done to the pervert who was using mirrors to watch women and girls in their stalls? If you are a dad, I pray you will protect your little girls from men who walk in unannounced, unzip their pants and urinate in front of them. If this had happened 100 years ago, someone might have been shot. Where is today’s manhood? God help us!

    In short, Dobson is giving Christians permission to shoot transgender people using a public bathroom.

    #Transgender #LGBT

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    >> Sean Tilley:

    “[...] Evangelist James Dobson says transgender people using public bathrooms should be shot. [...]”

    So very "christian" of him...

    JanKusanagi at 2016-06-01T20:02:20Z

    >> James Dobson:

    “100 years ago, I walked into the wrong bathroom, and then, they shot me!”

    Kete Foy at 2016-06-01T23:24:01Z

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    James Dobson is still alive?

    Stephen Michael Kellat at 2016-06-02T02:54:07Z