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  • 2015-05-22T20:41:16Z via To: Public

    Would it be possible to distribute content (images, videos) through an architecture similar to torrenting, but specifically for the purpose of replacing traditional Content Distribution Networks? Or rather, would such a thing be able to work reliably?

    I know there's some stuff that does something along those lines, like PeerCDN (wtf, they got bought out by Yahoo?), but I'm curious to see whether there could be a way to have the advantages of a CDN for things like federated content going to many servers, but without the "huge centralized cloud service" part.

    Do you mean for web pages?

    Douglas Perkins at 2015-05-23T00:25:40Z

    Check out ipfs and freenet. Not for the standalone browser though, you need a local proxy to enter the network.

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2015-05-23T12:43:10Z

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    SF Bay Maker Faire 2015


    We went to #MakerFaire this year, and it was all-around amazing! I took a bunch of pictures and will be gradually uploading more of them throughout the day. You can see the gallery of them here.

    (Also, unrelated, I will push a fix to my theme when I get a chance so that corners are not so rounded on photo show pages) likes this.

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    I need to start posting on the federated web more often. It's fucked up that I keep selectively posting things to Facebook. likes this.

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    I gave a presentation to 1 Million Cups Peoria about BackerKit, the nature of #crowdfunding fulfillment, and some of the lessons learned from product development, starting a small business, and supporting a highly specialized niche.


    #BackerKit #Crowdfunding
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    Been hanging out in San Francisco this week. I feel like I finally know how to find my way around the area without a map.

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    The lyrics to this are absolutely incredible. #Profit #Zebbler-Encanti #NowListening
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    Kind of surprised to see so many outdated #Ruby gems for #ActivityStreams implementations. You'd think someone would be on top of this!
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    The soundtrack of my life today. #TySegall #NowListening

    >> Sean Tilley:


    thanks for sharing

    Kete Foy at 2015-05-09T02:05:00Z

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    Even the warmest Hot Pocket can have ice at its center.

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    Diaspora on Debian

    This is a pretty big deal to me. One of the historic issues that prospective podmins have had with Diaspora is the fact that it is a Ruby on Rails application; for many people that are used to working with a LAMP stack on their server, deploying a Rails application can seem backwards, daunting, or sometimes outright unintuitive.

    @Pirate Praveen** (j4v4m4n) has been instrumental in spearheading efforts to package up Diaspora for DEB-based distributions. I'm very proud of how far this effort has come; one day setting up and configuring a pod will be even easier yet. Thanks for everything!

    Pirate Praveen** (j4v4m4n)Pirate Praveen** (j4v4m4n) wrote the following post 1 hour ago

    diaspora installation in #debian asking for #diaspora pod name. Diaspora can now be installed with Next Next clicks like Install Shield Wizards on debian.


    #debian-diaspora #debian-diaspora-month

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    wondering if it might work on an android device with debiankit installed on it

    ("debiankit" is a linux-in-android installer app downloadable from f-droid - - it sets up actual distro's with apt, etc alongside android - you can even choose the distro - eg debian,ubuntu, etc - if the deb works on arm-based hardware it might be worth a try...)

    michaelmd at 2015-05-04T07:18:48Z

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    You come across a reputable scientist who reveals to you with absolute certainty that the universe is going to end in less than a minute. How do you react to this piece of information?
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    Palindrome-driven linguistics

    I wonder what a language would sound like if every word in it were a palindrome.

    So, let's say that the word for person is "lilil", and the hyperfix (it's a prefix and a suffix wrapped around the base word simultaneously) for a descriptor like "elderly" would be "ehe". So, "elderly person" would become "ehe-lillil-ehe".

    Verbs follow the subject by being wrapped around the subject word in a sentence. Running, or in this language, "uttu". "Elderly person running" would amount to "uttu ehe-lillill-ehe uttu."

    Linguistically, a literal translation of the sentence would be "running old person is running". Translating the meaning of this exactly requires a certain keenness in listening skills and an understanding of palindromic empathy. Pronouns exist, but articles generally do not.

    It's over-simplified and overly complicated at the same time!

    #MadeUpLanguage #Palindrome

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    Just backed this on #Kickstarter. Can't wait to get my penis soap!



    CLEANIS, the world's sexiest soap! Have fun coming clean. Perfect for BACHELORETTES, BACHELOR/BACHELORS, and BIRTHDAYS
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    @Art Up Peoria+

    Note: All of my work is licensed under a permissive Creative Commons license; allowing anyone to share, remix, and reinterpret my work for free.

    AbHuman is my upcoming art series. It follows in my previous works of Disreality, Picked Apart, and The Not Exactlies, all of which have proven to be rewarding lessons to me regarding form and how the brain makes up images when it can't understand what it's looking at.


    The primary focus of AbHuman is to examine the form of hallucinogenic visuals and examine the essence of the hallucinogenic experience. The sketching process is largely a spontaneous one that focuses on incorporating mistakes and not overthinking the outcome of the form. Colors will involve colored pencils and some digital adjustment.

    #art #mywork
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    If you give me just one smile, I'll tell you all about how I think of you, and I, how I walk my head to the ground. Oh, I only want your kiss, and I'll be on my way, goin' nowhere. I just like walkin' away. So stop giving me those eyes; I can hardly speak. We're never gonna feel this sick again. Never gonna feel this way.

    Mayhew the Traitor is perfection. This song definitely captures some feelings.

    #MayhewTheTraitor #NowListening
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    Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post 5 days ago
    Privacy is not dead on the internet. It never was. You're just using the wrong websites.

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    We derive too much self-value from the idea of other people loving us; in turn we sometimes forget to love ourselves in the first place.

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    Dumbfield - noun - a ray of energy that casts a net between towers and saturates the area with a low-frequency hum, causing small errors in cognitive processes. If a person runs into a dumbfield, they will get stupider as they move closer to the center.

    #DeadSuperHero #DSHdictionary