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    You come across a reputable scientist who reveals to you with absolute certainty that the universe is going to end in less than a minute. How do you react to this piece of information?
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    Palindrome-driven linguistics

    I wonder what a language would sound like if every word in it were a palindrome.

    So, let's say that the word for person is "lilil", and the hyperfix (it's a prefix and a suffix wrapped around the base word simultaneously) for a descriptor like "elderly" would be "ehe". So, "elderly person" would become "ehe-lillil-ehe".

    Verbs follow the subject by being wrapped around the subject word in a sentence. Running, or in this language, "uttu". "Elderly person running" would amount to "uttu ehe-lillill-ehe uttu."

    Linguistically, a literal translation of the sentence would be "running old person is running". Translating the meaning of this exactly requires a certain keenness in listening skills and an understanding of palindromic empathy. Pronouns exist, but articles generally do not.

    It's over-simplified and overly complicated at the same time!

    #MadeUpLanguage #Palindrome

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    Just backed this on #Kickstarter. Can't wait to get my penis soap!



    CLEANIS, the world's sexiest soap! Have fun coming clean. Perfect for BACHELORETTES, BACHELOR/BACHELORS, and BIRTHDAYS
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    @Art Up Peoria+

    Note: All of my work is licensed under a permissive Creative Commons license; allowing anyone to share, remix, and reinterpret my work for free.

    AbHuman is my upcoming art series. It follows in my previous works of Disreality, Picked Apart, and The Not Exactlies, all of which have proven to be rewarding lessons to me regarding form and how the brain makes up images when it can't understand what it's looking at.


    The primary focus of AbHuman is to examine the form of hallucinogenic visuals and examine the essence of the hallucinogenic experience. The sketching process is largely a spontaneous one that focuses on incorporating mistakes and not overthinking the outcome of the form. Colors will involve colored pencils and some digital adjustment.

    #art #mywork
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    If you give me just one smile, I'll tell you all about how I think of you, and I, how I walk my head to the ground. Oh, I only want your kiss, and I'll be on my way, goin' nowhere. I just like walkin' away. So stop giving me those eyes; I can hardly speak. We're never gonna feel this sick again. Never gonna feel this way.

    Mayhew the Traitor is perfection. This song definitely captures some feelings.

    #MayhewTheTraitor #NowListening
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    Mike MacgirvinMike Macgirvin wrote the following post 5 days ago
    Privacy is not dead on the internet. It never was. You're just using the wrong websites.

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    We derive too much self-value from the idea of other people loving us; in turn we sometimes forget to love ourselves in the first place.

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    Dumbfield - noun - a ray of energy that casts a net between towers and saturates the area with a low-frequency hum, causing small errors in cognitive processes. If a person runs into a dumbfield, they will get stupider as they move closer to the center.

    #DeadSuperHero #DSHdictionary
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    CLICK HERE to support Non-profit produced MDMA & Psychedelics - Round 2


    Help us produce pharmaceutical MDMA ('ecstasy') and psychedelics (psilocybin)! | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Make a contribution today!
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    My DJ friend is #homeless, and his laptop broke. He's trying to get the thing fixed, but needs a little help.

    Click here to support Help DJ Bird repair his laptop.


    Hey guys! I'm David Bird, Aka DJ Bird. I am a dj in Peoria, Illinois, playing for glorious establishments such as the riverfront park, the back yards of various houses, and even occasionally inside if a house or two.

    I play music mostly for free, choosing to help advance my community instead, but this has left me in a precarious position. Playing 2 to 4 free shows a week for the last year has taken its toll on my equipment, and my MacBook air has had it's logic board fail. This has left me unable to spread New music to the community, and has also taken with it mastering and mixing work for several local artists and producers that I offer my skills as an audio engineer to. Many of these guys are under age, in school, and unable to afford a good engineer, so my services keep them from having to worry about the quality of their releases.

    I am asking for your help replacing the logic board on my computer, so that I can go back to work for the music community of Peoria. I hope I struck a chord with you, won't you help us strike a few more?


    you mean he has a laptop that is actually usable for djing?

    I have still yet to see evidence of anything less than a half a second or so audio latency on any laptop running any software on any OS.

    ok maybe I'm fussy about this but after mixing by ear using vinyl/cd for so many years that half a second or more audio latency of laptops is REALLY frustrating!

    michaelmd at 2015-04-02T03:38:33Z

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    To my many #queer and #transgender friends, this is for you. Don't let people get you down for how you self-identify; you are beautiful the way you are. For those that transition, remember that you are doing it for yourself and no one else.


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    #Shpongle was transcendent and amazing. Here's a video of the Shpongletron 3.1 in action.
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    Off to Chicago to see #Shpongle! Things are about to get weird.
    How long are you in town for?  Perhaps you've already left?

    j1mc at 2015-03-30T20:47:39Z

    I have unfortunately already left. :(

    Sean Tilley at 2015-04-01T05:14:29Z

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    Well, I'm having a hard time walking a straight line. Seein' two of every single neon sign. Well now, you'll find me downtown, gracefully facedown, just wishin' I could be alright. #NowListening #TheDevilMakesThree
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    To MediaWiki, or not to Mediawiki?

    I need to get my wiki back up and running again, but sometimes I ask myself: do I really want to go through all of that work trying to set up #MediaWiki all over again?

    I know there are alternatives. I'm mostly used to MW; I like their layout and interface for the most part. But getting everything the way you want it to be is a real pain.
    You're already familiar with MW, so that's something in its favor. I personally prefer Dokuwiki, but DW is a different beast from MW. at 2015-03-26T06:44:40Z

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    The best way to ruin everyone's day would be to start a #GMO food company and name it Organic.

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    Definitely worth checking out. I myself am not vegan, but occasionally I stumble across really tasty dishes.

    Theatre XTheatre X wrote the following post 5 hours ago
    In case you didn't know, that #vegan cookbook I started is available to download via torrent:

    #diaspora #food #diet #health #cooking #cookbook #recipes #torrent #lifestyle
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    Random things about Nihilism


    This was actually kind of a fun read. I have slipped into depressive states of absolute #nihilism before, but the attitude presented here actually comes across as funny and somewhat agreeable.

    Nihilist FAQs
    Over the past few years, I have received hundreds of questions and comments about the NIHILISTS' CORNER web site. Of the questions, the following have been the most commonly asked: The following letter is one of my favorites because it includes many of the comments and questions that come up frequently...and it's so passionately expressed. you guys...

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    this page is fucking amazing!

    lard at 2015-03-24T19:08:04Z

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    In Russia you must read novel about a nihilists in school but there are still exists many peoples who don't believe that nihilism is possible. And many more people who just forgot this word immediately after reading.

    mnd at 2015-03-25T14:25:46Z

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    This is something that I'm working on fleshing out. I think directories are something that are desperately needed on the #Diaspora side of things. If any #RedMatrix experts have any suggestions on fleshing this out, that would be extremely helpful. I intend to have something fairly comprehensive before proposing it to the Diaspora dev community.

    Some pieces in the entry were borrowed from Red's GitHub wiki, so it may need some updating. I'd also love to cover some of the more recent development with directories, including designating a pod/hub as a directory server and the concept of realms.

    Proposal:User Directories in Diaspora - diaspora* project wiki

    This proposal is a work-in-progress. The purpose is to revisit some of the core ideas in how user discovery is currently done within Diaspora as well as the wider free web. At the moment, Diaspora has three pieces of the puzzle regarding user discovery. These three methods have historically played a part in how Diaspora users end up connecting on the network.