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    #Shpongle was transcendent and amazing. Here's a video of the Shpongletron 3.1 in action.
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    Off to Chicago to see #Shpongle! Things are about to get weird.
    How long are you in town for?  Perhaps you've already left?

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    Well, I'm having a hard time walking a straight line. Seein' two of every single neon sign. Well now, you'll find me downtown, gracefully facedown, just wishin' I could be alright. #NowListening #TheDevilMakesThree
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    To MediaWiki, or not to Mediawiki?

    I need to get my wiki back up and running again, but sometimes I ask myself: do I really want to go through all of that work trying to set up #MediaWiki all over again?

    I know there are alternatives. I'm mostly used to MW; I like their layout and interface for the most part. But getting everything the way you want it to be is a real pain.
    You're already familiar with MW, so that's something in its favor. I personally prefer Dokuwiki, but DW is a different beast from MW. at 2015-03-26T06:44:40Z

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    The best way to ruin everyone's day would be to start a #GMO food company and name it Organic.

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    Definitely worth checking out. I myself am not vegan, but occasionally I stumble across really tasty dishes.

    Theatre XTheatre X wrote the following post 5 hours ago
    In case you didn't know, that #vegan cookbook I started is available to download via torrent:

    #diaspora #food #diet #health #cooking #cookbook #recipes #torrent #lifestyle
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    Random things about Nihilism


    This was actually kind of a fun read. I have slipped into depressive states of absolute #nihilism before, but the attitude presented here actually comes across as funny and somewhat agreeable.

    Nihilist FAQs
    Over the past few years, I have received hundreds of questions and comments about the NIHILISTS' CORNER web site. Of the questions, the following have been the most commonly asked: The following letter is one of my favorites because it includes many of the comments and questions that come up frequently...and it's so passionately expressed. you guys...

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    this page is fucking amazing!

    lard at 2015-03-24T19:08:04Z

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    In Russia you must read novel about a nihilists in school but there are still exists many peoples who don't believe that nihilism is possible. And many more people who just forgot this word immediately after reading.

    mnd at 2015-03-25T14:25:46Z

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    This is something that I'm working on fleshing out. I think directories are something that are desperately needed on the #Diaspora side of things. If any #RedMatrix experts have any suggestions on fleshing this out, that would be extremely helpful. I intend to have something fairly comprehensive before proposing it to the Diaspora dev community.

    Some pieces in the entry were borrowed from Red's GitHub wiki, so it may need some updating. I'd also love to cover some of the more recent development with directories, including designating a pod/hub as a directory server and the concept of realms.

    Proposal:User Directories in Diaspora - diaspora* project wiki

    This proposal is a work-in-progress. The purpose is to revisit some of the core ideas in how user discovery is currently done within Diaspora as well as the wider free web. At the moment, Diaspora has three pieces of the puzzle regarding user discovery. These three methods have historically played a part in how Diaspora users end up connecting on the network.
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    The pride of knowing the very best! Icelandic Ultra-bluuuue. #AdultSwim #Infomercials
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    Libertree Development Announcement

    Sad to see that #Libertree may be winding down in development.

    We once started Libertree as Diaspora’s upstream had become unresponsive, stagnant, and even dismissive. Libertree development has reached a similar state (without “dismissive”), and recent fragmentation has indicated to me that there is no way to fix this anymore unless we got an infusion of new people to work on the code.
    -Rekado, Libertree team.

    Sad to see this happen. For the most part, Libertree was a small development team with an equally small but very dedicated userbase. As of today, the two main servers, Maple and Oak, are up and running, but the project is at risk of stalling out if they don't get any more developers.

    It seems that at this point few people are interested in alternative social networks — myself included. I think web-based distributed social networks are the wrong approach to solving an ill-defined problem.

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    This could be a game-changer for 3D printing and fabrication.
    Ars Technica - New nonstop 3D printing process takes only minutes instead of hours


    A team of researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill have developed a new 3D printing process that may be fast enough to change the tide for 3D printing. Their process allows for the continual printing of objects using a liquid interface in a single step, unlike the previous step-wise processes.

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    First attempt at feed republishing through channel sources. Would be kind of neat to slowly pull in a bunch of random ActivityStream things from different web apps.

    DeadSuperHeroDeadSuperHero wrote the following post 28 minutes ago

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    I wrote a #GIMP tutorial; check it out. :)

    Gimp Dojo Tutorial - Trippy Abstract Digital Image

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    I think I have enough half-written songs to put a half-written album together now.

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    MatrixianMatrixian wrote the following post 24 minutes ago
    Redmatrix 2.3 High Range, New South Wales, Australia - 18 March, 2015

    Greetings from the Redmatrix development team. We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Redmatrix 2.3, our privacy enhanced decentralised web publishing and communications platform.

    GeoLocation We added the ability to optionally generate a map for photos in your photo albums which contain GPS or other location information. This is disabled by default.

    OpenID Your Redmatrix hub is now also an OpenID provider.

    Account Delegation Channels can delegate other channels (local or remote) to maintain their personal or forum channels. The delegatees are able to perform most operations that the channel owner can with the exception of modifying or removing the basic channel (including permissions) or accessing other information from the channel owner's account.

    Affinity Tool By default new connections are now created with an affinity of 80 instead of 99, so that you can decrease the affinity of noisy channels, even if you've previously had the affinity tool turned off. For those folks who don't know what I'm talking about, this is a 'zoom' control for your social stream. You can 'zoom in' to just your closest friends and important connections, or 'zoom out' and see stuff from other folks you really don't care about but might want to look at "later".

    Upload/Link A number of toolbar buttons were available to upload various content sources and link to different types of remote media (audio/video, images, URLs, etc.). We've reduced this to two buttons. One uploads content from your local machine, one links content from elsewhere. Both of these functions have been made smart enough to figure out what kind of content you're dealing with and create the appropriate editor tags and/or files.

    Editor Toolbar The editor toolbar for the post editor was made "mostly" consistent with the comment editor, with the same text style options. The layout was also improved on smaller or handheld devices.

    Settings Mario has been super busy cleaning up all the settings pages and making them more usable (from any device). Really, check it out. The settings are much more cleanly represented and simplified. This is part of the mobile device accessibility work which is ongoing.

    Queue Manager Started work on providing more intelligent queue management to allow hub administrators to drill down on potential or real issues. This work is ongoing.

    Documentation We've stopped providing the auto-generated programmer's reference documentation in the git. Those that need it can generate it locally. We've started a push to clean up and enhance the existing documentation. This work is ongoing.

    Tab Order No big deal but some of the input boxes have had tab priority applied so you can enter a comment or post, TAB and return to send it.

    Icons Some icons were changed to be more consistent, in particular "trash" icons are now used instead of X icons to indicate something to be deleted.

    Bug fixes etc. 230 commits during this period. Over half of these were bug fixes.

    New addons (project repository) rainbowtag - add some colour to your tagclouds.

    New themes (Sean Tilley's repository) nova - new occupant - ongoing

    You can pick up Redmatrix 2.3 at github [#^] and/or you can join a public site by visiting #^ . If you just want to find out more, please visit #^ .

    GeoLocation would probably be more useful for events (for the venue locations rather than where the users are so would need to be stored separately - use locations cannot be used for that because the user might not even be in the same city when they post about an event coming up!)

    Queue Manager Started work on providing more intelligent >queue management to allow hub administrators to drill down >on potential or real issues. This work is ongoing.

    sounds interesting .. thinking I should spend some time working out some sensible way to manage those background polling processes (in friendica too - that needs it even more)

    michaelmd at 2015-03-18T04:05:49Z

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    Beginning the hunt for a new apartment. My goal is to find a decent one-bedroom close to downtown Peoria.

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    /me waves from Chicago. I used to live in Peoria, though.

    j1mc at 2015-03-17T22:21:11Z

    I've lived around the area for a good portion of my life. It's not a perfect city, but it's definitely a part of who I am. It's home to me.

    Sean Tilley at 2015-03-17T23:54:22Z

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    It's actually pretty nice to see some positive mainstream coverage of #queer identities.

    Meet Casey Legler - the world's first female male model - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


    Olympic swimming champion, gay activist, performance artist and internationally-acclaimed fashion model - the career of New Yorker Casey Legler sure has been a wild ride. At six foot two inches tall, she captured the world's attention first when she swam for France at the 1996 Atlanta Games...

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    This was hysterical. #apple #macbook