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  • (inner) selfie

    at 2015-03-21T10:49:12Z

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    Brain and brain! What is brain? It is Controller, is it not?

    Space Hobo at 2015-03-21T14:24:54Z

  • CUENTA NO ACTIVA at 2015-03-15T07:52:55Z

    >> Jason Self:

    “First Gitorious, now Google Code. Who is next? This shows all the more that people need to self-host.”

    Meanwhile in... GitHub, in its sole discretion, has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service, or any other GitHub service, for any reason at any time. Such termination of the Service will result in the deactivation or deletion of your Account or your access to your Account, and the forfeiture and relinquishment of all Content in your Account. GitHub reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.


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  • hello spring

    joeyh at 2015-03-10T21:25:46Z

    After 21 days of snow, it's so nice to be able to drive groceries to my front door. Luxury!

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  • Manuel - Cuenta abandonada at 2015-02-24T17:09:54Z

    Busca en tu distribución el programa unetbootin. En Debian basta con apt-get install unetbootin pero no sé cuál usas. Con ese programa puedes crear usb de arranque de cualquier distribución GNU / Linux. Es fácil de usar y efectivo.

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  • Bradley M. Kuhn at 2015-02-20T13:38:37Z

    I'm currently driving across the country. I'm in the city of Rochester, Minnesota. I know I've made it to the west as the conversation in the breakfast room was: "I want my husband to get me a Glock" "Phfft! The Glock is just like an iPhone. Everyone says you should have one because of the name, but really it's a piece of crap! And the recoil is bad."

    At least I agree with the locals about the quality of Apple products.

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    Yes, I am more of a SIG guy. :)

    Luis at 2015-02-20T16:50:58Z

    This is interesting as one of the great unsettled questions in US culture is where the West actually begins.

    The first time I drove cross-country (east to west), I and my fellow travellers drove north from Iowa to Minnesota. We stayed in St. Paul one night and we also stayed in or near St. Cloud (IIRC) one night (in the latter case camping outside someone's house). I can't remember in what order. We then drove west to South Dakota but took a detour to Walnut Grove to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum. There was something about Walnut Grove (and I don't think it had anything to do with the museum) that made me feel that I had just crossed over into the West -- for me, the first time, as prior to that trip the furthest west I'd been was Niagara Falls. Once we made it into South Dakota it was particularly clear that we were in the West in a way that was certainly not true of Minneapolis and St. Paul, or the places in Iowa we'd stopped in.

    Minneapolis-St. Paul doesn't feel Midwestern to me in quite the way that more easterly Great Lakes Rustbelt cities do, but it also doesn't quite seem "West" either. It's tempting to suppose that northwards the Mississippi River is approximately the dividing line between Midwest (not "East") and West, with Minneapolis being sort of an exception.

    On that trip, we drove back eastwards eventually but we took a southern route, so it really provided no insight whatsoever into the question.

    Many years after that I drove from Chicago to Seattle. This didn't provide much insight into the "where does West begin" issue, as we drove up through Wisconsin (clearly Midwest rather than "West") and then drove on I-94 during the evening through Minneapolis to Dilworth, a northwestern Minnesota town near Fargo. I would say it was obvious the next day, driving through North Dakota, that we were in the West and not the Midwest, if only because North Dakota was so empty.

    The following year I drove east from Seattle to New York, this time going through South Dakota. I remember being aware, as I don't think I was on that first trip many years earlier, that eastern South Dakota was not "Western" in the way that western South Dakota clearly was. What I also recall from that trip was the profound sense of reaching some kind of different region once we crossed from Minnesota into Wisconsin (we must have been taking I-90), because the sense of relative emptiness was gone. And I think for the first time I felt an odd commonality between Midwest and East, though I would normally maintain that those are very distinct regions.

    Much more recently I drove from the San Francisco Bay Area to eastern Massachusetts. I took I-80 this time, going through Nebraska and Iowa. I would say that once I got into Nebraska from Wyoming I felt as though I'd gone from "clearly West" to some other region that I wouldn't label West or Midwest. Nebraska also mostly had that "emptiness" quality that seemed to be gone by Omaha and certainly by the time I crossed into Iowa.

    Richard Fontana at 2015-02-21T04:16:20Z

    I would go to great plains to point out the West begins somewhere in the mixed grass prairie zone.

    Mike Linksvayer at 2015-02-21T05:17:15Z

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    x1101 at 2015-02-21T12:16:27Z

  • Björn Schießle at 2015-02-17T08:50:59Z

    This sounds great: A-to-B routing built in to the main OpenStreetMap homepage! #osm

    Routing on
    Good news for OpenStreetMap: the main website now has A-to-B routing (directions) built in to the homepage! This will be huge for the OSM project. Kudos to Richard Fairhurst and everyone who helped get this up and running. You might be thinking, "Why would this be huge?

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  • Jolla at 2015-02-04T18:54:44Z

    Early Access to SailfishOS releases

    We'll be making updates available for developers a short time before releasing, details at

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  • cmhobbs at 2015-01-14T21:10:18Z

    "No one who has ever done anything really great or successful has ever done it simply because he was attracted by what we call a 'reward' or by the fear of what we call a 'punishment.'" -Maria Montessori

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  • Echando humo

    Adrián Perales at 2015-01-11T23:05:46Z

    Me ha dado por descargarme gran cantidad de libros que tengo en casa para tener también una copia electrónica en el lector nuevo. Entre eso y los discos que me bajé el otro día, tengo el torrent echando humo.

    ¡Acumula, acumula!

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    Acumula, acumula, que el GiB de disco esta barato xD

    JanKusanagi @i at 2015-01-11T23:23:13Z

    Eso es bueno jeje

    talo at 2015-01-12T08:28:26Z

    Es muy buena politica, todo lo que no descargues hoy puede desaparecer mañana.

    Pablo2M at 2015-01-12T14:10:30Z

  • Fortune at 2015-01-12T06:06:03Z

    (platitudes) % Experience is a good teacher, but she sends in terrific bills. -- Minna Antrim, "Naked Truth and Veiled Allusions"

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    Nice. I always liked:

    “Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards”

    Vernon Sanders Law

    Freemor at 2015-01-12T13:46:54Z

  • Laura Arjona Reina at 2014-12-20T01:29:34Z

    Welcome again!!

    Some flashes of what happened in the pumpiverse last year:

    Clients have evolved very much. In particular: Dianara, Pumpa, Impeller, Puma (the 1.0beta3 apk is still a beta, but quite improved respect to the binary available in F-Droid),, PPump (hey, have a look at the different menus and options of, for example, this instance: ), Granada, Manivela, NavierStokes, the PyPump library. Probably more...

    More people are selfhosting and there are some community instances (for example #oleole!). Pumplive says now there are 91 hosts.

    Updated documentation, links, user guide... in

    @GNU MediaGoblin is implementing the Pump API to access objects and for federation in the near future, and desktop clients are able to be used as MediaGoblin clients with small tweaks (Dianara 1.2.5 already works for the gobliners, and GMG 0.8 is coming soon!).

    @Evan Prodromou and some more other people are in the W3C SocialWG working for the federated social web.

    Pumpbot @x11r5 speaks Spanish (for example here) and Italian (here). Maybe speaking more languages (apart from English), I'm not sure because I don't follow her.

    Lots of new users, lots of content of many different topics (depending on who you follow, of course...).

    I'm doing crazy interviews to pumpers. Want to be the fourth one? (third one is in progress).

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  • Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2014-12-20T12:35:30Z

    Don't know why I didn't like AndStatus before. This is actually pretty damn slick.

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    I can't use AndStatus or Impeller. They both crash constantly. It's been this way for ... months? Longer? :-/

    Douglas Perkins at 2014-12-20T16:10:36Z

    I like how it looks and how it works, especially how it stores everything and discovers conversation context. And it beats Mustard on GNUSocial too.

    It has crashed once since I started using it, Impeller crashes several times per day. Puma doesn't give me context on mentions and meanwhile.

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2014-12-21T17:47:39Z

    X11R5 likes this. Which Android are you on? I'm on 4.4 here.

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2014-12-21T17:50:20Z

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    AndStatus is becoming my main mobile client for all three (GS, T, Pump). I don't know what brought on Impeller's crashing problem, but AndStatus currently works reliably. (Currently also Android 4.x, though I'm thinking about flashing my phone with one of the OpenWebOS derivatives soon. at 2014-12-21T18:14:05Z

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  • Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2014-12-13T21:13:35Z

    Something occured to me, and I had to go back and find this strip.

    Maybe this is why children are terrified of going to sleep and fight it tooth and claw? The realize something that we have learned to repress ... the little death.

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    I'm 25 and I still terrified of going to sleep. Little death is more or less suitable description.

    mnd at 2014-12-13T22:00:37Z

    Wow, ok. The thing that keeps me from going to sleep is that there is so much to learn out there. I have to learn that the internet will still be there tomorrow, with the added bonus that I will be alert.

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2014-12-13T22:53:06Z

  • marxistvegan at 2014-11-30T14:32:56Z

    Please Share! Video about #mexico and the missing 43 students #YaMeCanse These stories do not cross borders unless we carry them, watch this take action and pass it on

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  • #YaMeCanse Whats Happening in Mexico

    Malik at 2014-11-30T07:32:25Z

    Exigimos la renuncia de @EPN y juicio político para @FelipeCalderon. #YaMeCanse Whats Happening in Mexico.

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    FeCal tiene un asunto pendiente con la Corte Penal Internacional. Ignoro cómo va el asunto, pero puede que deba enfrentarse a juicios penales. El mundo empieza a rebelarse contra las impunidades, espero que México consiga la paz y la Justicia que tanto merece por la incansable lucha de su bravo pueblo.

    anxel g at 2014-11-30T23:20:12Z

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    Nos queda un camino muy largo y difícil por recorrer, pero con el apoyo de todos ustedes, se lograra realizar el cambio que tanto anhelamos. El Estado está apostando al olvido y a que por el paso del tiempo la gente se canse y se vuelva a aletargar, pero la llama ya está encendida y nos toca a cada uno de nosotros mantenerla ardiendo. Un gran saludos y un fuerte abrazo.

    Malik at 2014-11-30T23:42:58Z

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  • Nathan Willis at 2014-11-29T01:56:06Z

    It's the 21st Century: nothing ever dies anymore and nothing ever will again. All the canceled TV shows come back. All the old TV shows get remade. The old movies get reimagined and the old stars get digitally youthened. The geriatric bands release new discs of old material sewn together in the studio, plus rerelease all their old ones. The old video games get recoded in WebGL when the game shop takes too long rereleasing them for the new engine. The last piece of the trilogy gets stretched and stretched out until it's a trilogy all of its own. Even the politicians are just the younger family members of the old politicians' families. There's nowhere you can hide, and even if there was, the Wayback Machine and Google Cache versions of you would still be here, carrying on like nothing was wrong.

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  • Million dollar celebration SALE!

    at 2014-11-21T17:39:38Z

    To celebrate Jolla Tablet's People Powered success in raising over a million dollars (in under 40 hours!), we're offering the Jolla smartphone at a crazy price:

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    void outside europe. useless outside europe.

    Hubert Figuière at 2014-11-21T18:09:13Z

    I checked how crazy. Not crazy enough for me, sorry. :-)

    I was holding out for a Fairphone on some future budget, but the Samsung Y2 is currently selling for 50 EUR, which is pretty crazy.

    I may still buy a Fairphone in the future, but my existing phone is not even fully functional anymore, so I'll replace it on next month's budget.

    Claes Wallin (韋嘉誠) at 2014-11-21T21:10:08Z

    @Hubert: We're sorry, we should have mentioned that in the post.

    @Claes: it's great to have alternatives and choices, and that's what we're trying to provide :)

    Jolla at 2014-11-26T18:27:56Z

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